One Customers Review Of Four Different E Cigarette Brands

What Is An E Cigarette:

Electronic cigarettes seem to only be getting more popular and pervasive as time goes on. Originally developed many years ago by a doctor from China, they only made it to the U.S.A about three years ago. Since then many different styles have been developed, and lots of different manufacturers have made their own designs.

The Difference Between E Cigarettes And “Pen” Style E Cigs:new from v2

The main difference between the two different styles of e cigs is in the shape. The  cigarette style  e cigs are made to resemble real cigarettes, some look really similar, while others just look like big bulky metal cigarettes. Personally, I have always preferred the cigarette style e cigarettes. I think that is because I am so used to the feeling of a cigarette in my hand.  I have recently heard lots of good reviews about what is referred to as the “pen” style e cig. Which does not look like a cigarette at all, but produces vapor the same way as any e cig.

Don’t Get A Blu Cig:

The first e cigarette I tried, given to me by my dad when I was trying to quit smoking, was made by a company called blu cigs. They had a real sleek, slim, and flashy design, but they did not work very well. As I understand it, they were one of the first e cig companies that made a name for themselves on the internet. Since then other brands have come out that have become much more popular. This is not surprising considering how well they worked and how much better some of the newer brands are. The blu cig I had needed constant charging, and only seemed to work optimally for a couple of drags. After that it tasted like it was burning the innards of the cartridge more than the e liquid inside. I would not recommend a blu cig to anyone. Even though they make the smallest and thinnest e cigarette I have seen, the functionality of it is lacking in many areas.

Fortunately, There Are Some Good Brands Out There Worth Trying:v2 cigs batteries

Fortunately for myself, I did not give up on e cigarettes all together based on my experience with blu cigs. I went on to borrow my friends Greensmoke e cig. I still wasn’t very impressed. It was better than the blu, but I felt it still was not good enough. I tried a few more like Smoketip (not impressed at all) until I finally found V2 Cigs. From everything I have heard and seen, they are making the best cigarette style e cig on the market. I have since tried a few other brands but I still like the V2 the best.

My Favorite Brand Is Made By V2 Cigs:

I started reading on some e cig forums online and saw a lot of people saying that the pen style e cig is better because the batteries are stronger, and last longer. The V2 Cigs brand e cigarette I use  lasts me all through the day, and it gives fat enough drags that I am satisfied sticking with it for now. As I was saying before I prefer having something I can smoke in the same manner, and hold in the same way, that I am used to when smoking a cigarette.

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