New! V2 Cigs Universal Cartridge Adapters!

Now Almost Anyone Can Enjoy All The Great Tasting E Cig Refill Cartridges Made By V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs has come out with a great new invention! V2 Cigs has developed cartridge adapters that allow their cartridges to be used with a multitude of different e cigarette brands. Allowing anyone who owns a electronic cigarette battery from one of those brands to enjoy all the great refill cartridge flavors made by V2 Cigs.

v2 cigs universal adapter    When we here at sneakyreviews first tried out V2 Cigs, almost a year ago now, we were immediately impressed with the quality of their e cigarettes. After comparing them to all the major brands we decided to list them as our number one recommendation for new e cigarette users. Since then they have continued to improve upon their batteries and their line of products. Convincing us that they truly are the best e cig brand around. They have since become the most popular electronic cigarette available online and it is no surprise to us.

One of the major reasons we like V2 Cigs is the price and quality of their e cigarette refill cartridges. Not only are they affordable but they are also some of the best tasting cartridges we have tried. The tobacco flavored cartridges offered by V2 Cigs are Congress, Reds, Sahara, and menthol. The novelty flavored cartridges offered are Coffee, Cherry, Peppermint, Chocolate, Cola, and Vanilla. In addition to offering all of these flavors V2 Cigs also makes blank cartridges that can be used with any electronic cigarette juice. For those willing to make a large purchase of batteries at once (100 count) V2 Cigs will make any custom  flavor that can be described to them.

V2 Cigs Cartridges    Now that V2 Cigs has made adapters for other e cigarettes all these flavors are available for anyone with a e cigarette battery made by Greensmoke, Red Dragon, Premium, South Beach, LeCig, Esmoke Sensation, Smoke 51 DUO, Vapures, E Cigs E-9, and Bloog. Anyone with one of these brands of e cigarettes can now purchase a V2 Cigs adapter (selling for only $1.99) that will allow them to use V2 Cigs cartridges with their e cigarette batteries.

Being that V2 Cigs makes great, affordable refill cartridges, This is good news for anyone that purchased a e cig from a different brand and is looking for a cheaper, higher quality, better tasting, electronic cigarette cartridge refill. V2 Cigs has continued to impress us with their great ideas and this is just the latest.

I would recommend V2 Cigs to anyone, and if you have a battery from a different brand, this is an easy way to give V2 Cigs a try without having to get a whole new starter kit. When I first started trying out electronic cigarettes I was upset that all the batteries and cartridges from different brands were not made to be interchangeable. Now V2 Cigs has remedied that problem with this simple, easy to use, new invention. Making their awesome line of cartridges available to a much wider audience of electronic cigarette users for only two dollars.

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