New V2 Cigs Metallic Blue E Cigarette Batteries


Add A Bit Of Style With V2 Cigs New Blue Electronic Cigarette Batteries

I have been wanting to get myself a electronic cigarette for a long time. I finally decided that I was going to order myself a starter kit from V2 Cigs. From everything I have seen, heard, and read V2 Cigs seems to be the best electronic cigarette available. I almost ordered a e cig starter kit from them a couple times, but I could never decide which starter kit to get or which batteries to choose with it.

v2 cigs blue batteryNow that V2 Cigs has released a new metallic blue e cigarette, I no longer can resist. I placed my order for a couples kit only moments ago. It comes with four batteries in your choice of size, color, and with the option of a button. I ordered all four batteries in the shortest length available, all automatic (no button). I figure having four short batteries will mean that I won’t have to worry about running out of a charge and therefore I can get them in the shortest length, so that they will feel similar to a normal size cigarette, and not be to different from what I am used to.

I asked that two of the batteries in my kit come in the new metallic blue color, with one in white, and one in black. I have seen V2 Cigs e cigarettes in person before and had the opportunity to try them out. They are made really well, they look stylish, they produce thick, good tasting vapor, and they feel durable and strong. I was not surprised to find out that they are the leading brand of e cigarette sold online, and by far the most popular e cigarette available.

All the V2 Cigs reviews I saw said that they were the best e cigarette available, also one of the best priced, especially considering the quality of the product. All of the batteries they sell come with a lifetime warranty, so I do not worry that any of them will ever give me any problems, but if they do I know I cans send them back and have them replaced with little to no hassle.

I kept considering getting an e cig for some time. I knew I wanted one made by V2 Cigs after I tried one that my friend had purchased a while back. The only thing that stopped me from ordering is that I wanted to get a super cool looking e cig that would stand out a little bit. At that time V2 Cigs were only offered in black or white. I looked in to other brands that made different colored e cigs a few times but they didn’t convince me that they were as good a quality of e cig as those made by V2 Cigs, so I postponed my order.

V2 Cigs CartridgesFinally the other day I looked again at V2 Cigs website and found out that they now make their e cig batteries in four different colors; black, white, silver (stainless steel), and now metallic blue. I also saw that they have upgraded their batteries since they first started making them, to 4.2 volts, making them better than ever before. Not only that, but they have also expanded on their line of e cig refill cartridge flavors.

Using a coupon code I found online on a e cigarette review website I managed to save myself 15% off my entire purchase. Since I was getting such a good deal already I went ahead and added a couple sample flavor refill cartridges to my order so that I could give them all a try.

I can’t wait to receive my new kit in the mail. It should take less than a week to get to me, and with everything I ordered, it should be more than enough to keep me happy for some time. Everything I have seen indicates that V2 Cigs is the best, most popular e cigarette on the market. I have confidence that I made a good decision, and got the best product I could for what I spent.

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