New V2 Cigs Disposable E Cigarette Now Available!

New from V2 Cigs! The best disposable e cigarette available anywhere!

V2 Cigs, a long established line of some of the least expensive and best quality e cigarette kits, has finally started making disposable e cigarettes. By far my favorite choice of all e cigarette manufacturers, V2 Cigs has been making the most popular, and by far the best priced e cigarette kits around, since they started out a couple years ago.

It did not take long for V2 Cigs to dominate the market of rechargeable e cigarette kits. They do more to please their customers and improve V2 disposable e cigupon their products than any other e cig company. Making the best flavored cartridges, charging less for them, and continually improving upon their e cigarette design, they have just recently been named the most popular e cig on the market today.

Now, they have finally released a disposable e cig. These new electronic cigarettes being produced by V2 Cigs do not require charging or refilling. They come shipped with a full battery charge, and an extra large e liquid cartridge, that contains as many puffs as two packs of cigarettes.

A disposable e cig is a great way for people to try e cigs without having to put down all the upfront cost of getting a whole kit. I am excited that my favorite e cig company has finally joined in on the disposable market. This means that more people will be able to get a truly high quality, disposable e cig, made with the best vapor flavors, and sure to impress even the most skeptical of smokers.

It is my hope that by the introduction of this product, more people will give e cigarettes a try, and having tried the best e cig available, make the switch themselves. Making e cigarettes more common, more widespread, and more widely accepted, by more people.

V2 Cigs Disposable e cigarettes are a bit longer and thicker than the rechargeable e cigs that they make. This is to accommodate the larger battery and larger cartridge than normal. Unfortunately, as of yet, the disposable style of V2 Cigs is only being offered in original tobacco, and menthol. Hopefully soon they will also offer them in some of their more exotic flavors, but until then, this is at least a great place to start.

If you have considered getting yourself a e cig kit, but were worried about the investment required to get started, the new v2 disposable cig is a great way to try them out for the first time. They are currently being sold in three, five, and ten packs. Your choice of regular or menthol, as well as your choice of strength; full (18mg), or light (6mg).

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