New Triple 777 E Cigs Review

After reviewing e cigarettes for over a year I thought there was nothing new that would interest me about an e cigarette. Then my friend gave me the 777 E Cigs to review, at first glance it looked pretty much like a basic e cigarette. After digging into it I quickly noticed some of the differences in quality that had been designed to give the user a unique product.

Here is what the 777 E Cigs Ultimate Kit looks like.

777 E Cigs Review


The Triple Seven provides the extra optional batteries that has a push button design like the V2 for better vapor control without having to suck on the thing like a milkshake straw just to get a drag. The 777 e cigs¬†cartridges also have a soft tip on the part that touches your lips when inhaling, which is great because I don’t much like the kind that have a hard plastic tip. With the kit I also got some blank refillable cartridges, great for people that prefer to use there own e juice or vapor liquid which can even save you more money, I chose some “Very Berry” flavored e liquid from their selection and it is pretty tasty.

Very Berry E Liquid

When it came to the testing of the new 777 E Cigs I was actually impressed with the high quality.

The vapor was thick and consistent with the push button on the battery and the flavor, it was better than any I tried in the past. The batteries without the button also function really well and don’t shut off automatically while puffing a long drag. This was a clear indicator that e cigarettes are continuing to improve. Many of the earlier versions of e cigarettes had some flaw that made them not worth using because either the battery would die too quickly or the cartridge would leak or stop working. Some just consistently worked poorly all the time or lacked in much vapor but not these 777′s.

Like I said earlier I have reviewed a lot of e cigarettes and wasn’t really expecting much from 777 luckily I was impressed.

The soft tip was very noticeable when using it feels much like a real cigarette rather than a hard piece of plastic like many e cigarettes. The overall functionality made me so comfortable using it that the first day I got it while I was driving and trying it I practically forgot it was an e cigarette. I was thinking to myself not bad I could actually use this and maybe quit smoking for good.

The triple seven has a wide range of flavors some better than others of course it comes down to personal tastes. I like their coffee flavor it has a sweetness and tastes better than other coffee flavors I’ve tried. The cartridges usually taste the best when first opened but they do keep for a few days after opening them but will dry out in time. The refillable cartridge worked better than I would expect from a two piece e cigarette although the first time I overfilled it and had to blow it out to clear the atomizer. I filled it with a strong nicotine strawberry e liquid that I use with an ego e cigarette I have and it gave about equal vapor hits but the strawberry in the sample pack cartridge from 777′s tasted better. The mint flavor wasn’t that good in my opinion. Although I didn’t have a chance to sample all of the flavors yet, I might do a follow up article to go into more detail on the flavors offered next.

777 E Cigs Flavor Cartridges

My ultimate starter kit came with all the basics plus some. A charger carrying case (a must have for me), car charger, usb port adapter and usb powered cig, a couple of the push button style batteries and a regular battery. You can choose for five different flavors at the nicotine strength you want for each flavor and/or sampler packs and blank (empty and refillable) of atomizer cartridges. My impression so far from Triple 777 e cigs is that the overall quality and functionality is definitely high. I would recommend the Triple Seven above most of the other e cigarettes as an enjoyable and consistent product. Most e cigarettes I have tried lost their allure quickly with many drawbacks but this is quite a superior product.