New Pink E Cigarettes From V2 Cigs

Limited edition pink e cigarette kit from v2 cigs is going to be made available in celebration of Mothers Day this year. pink e cigarette batteries

Don’t miss this chance to get a truly unique e cigarette kit being offered right now for a limited time only by V2 Cigs. I waited until I placed an order for one myself before writing this post because supplies are limited, and they are selling them on a first-come first-serve basis. I have to admit that I am in fact, not ordering my kit for my mom. I remember my girlfriend saying that she wished she could get a pink e cigarette, but I told her not to because back when she said that, they were not being made by any reputable companies. I instead insisted that she order herself a high quality kit, and not just get one for the flashy batteries.

Now that the best e cigarette company I know of is offering e cigarette kits in pink I decided that I would have to order one for her. We already have and share a couples kit from v2 cigs. I got myself a extra blue battery from v2 a while back, after we receive these new batteries we are going to have so many e cigarettes lying around, we are never gonna have to worry about having one charged and ready to go again.

I think I am going to send my mom a bag of her favorite coffee for Mothers Day with a card. I don’t think she would be that excited about a pink e cigarette. My girlfriend on the other hand is not going to care about the Mothers Day packaging but she is guaranteed to be excited about a new pink e cigarette for herself. I found the ad for it by chance and I have not told her about it yet. Now my only debate is whether to give it to her out of the blue as a gift for no particular reason, or whether I should wait for a holiday, or her birthday (in November).

I think I like the idea of a spontaneous gift for her. I sometimes miss holidays but if I get spontaneous gifts for her throughout the year it makes up for it. right?

Anyway if you know someone who would appreciate a unique pink e cigarette kit from V2 Cigs. Or you yourself would. Order soon, because like I said before, they are only being offered for a limited time, and they have only a limited supply.

One last thing- The Mothers Day pink e cigarette kit comes with two batteries and cartridges, and is actually ten dollars less than the standard kit made by V2 Cigs that comes with two batteries. So get a coupon code, get a super unique e cig kit, and save some money while you do it!

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