New Green Smoke Designer Batteries

Finally Green Smoke has made a stylish set of designer batteries!

 green smoke batteries

Now you can combine the quality of Green Smoke’s batteries with the style you prefer. The 8 new designs will surely have one that catches your attention. I must say I have been impressed with how much Green Smoke has grown and advanced their e cigarettes over the last 3 years. They are really investing in what their customers are asking for in an e cig. They keep up with other major brands like the V2 Cigs while providing new options new stylish designs and maintaining their quality products at competitive prices. This is exactly why I have no problem recommending them to anybody.

You might consider getting the Green Smoke e cigarette carrying case since it will help keep your batteries protected and from getting scratch or dinged up. The electronic cigarette battery is somewhat delicate and can break if dropped the wrong way or from multiple drops over time so be careful if you can. The only time that I had one of their batteries stop working correctly was from excessive dropping(what can I say? I can be very clumsy sometimes) and from over charging multiple times over. If you take care of your batteries they should outlast the warranty on them.

My favorite style of the new designs is the Charleston “Get In Gear” battery. I really dig the cool looking gears on it but I also wish they could make it in silver or even a dark red maybe. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make the colors be an option for these eventually and I have already let them know of my request for it. These new batteries will also fit any of their flavors for the cartomizers too so no worries there.  Right now there is a special running for the new designer batteries, if you order 3 or more you will save an additional 34% off your purchase. So instead of paying $34.99 a piece they will only be $23.33 each!

If you haven’t already noticed or are new to Green Smoke they now have a monthly sign-up program for their cartomizers so you can save an additional 15-25% off your cartomizers too! If you know that you order a certain amount every month you can set it up so they send you whatever you need on a monthly basis and get a better deal. I prefer this because after running out of cartomizers and forgetting to order soon enough had me a little on edge waiting for them to arrive, now I don’t have to think about it they just show up on my doorstep on time every time. Very convenient for me.

If you have thought about trying the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes and haven’t yet be sure to take a look at their website and see all the different options they have available for you. I’m sure you will be impressed at the amount of cool stuff they have thought about in this fast growing e cigarette market.  I have a good feeling they will be around for a long time with new features in the near future.

Well that is all for my review on the new battery designs for now. I hope you find one that suits your style of e cigarette from Green Smoke.

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