Luci Electronic Cigarette Review

Luci e-cigaretteDo you smoke? If you do, do you prefer menthol or not? Have you ever told yourself you need to quit? Well maybe you don’t have to. What are the reasons that you told yourself you need to quit. For most people it is the fact that cigarettes are incredibly horrible for you. You’ve got to ditch the tar, the carbon monoxide, and whatever it is that turns your teeth yellow…I know you’ve seen it.

I want to shed some light on a company called Luci. With everybody ditching the smoking section in today’s world, Luci is doing their part to help out. They created an tobacco-less electronic cigarette that produces a vapor that contains the nicotine that we all love. It doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff that clogs your veins or turns your lungs into coal. You can even smoke in no smoking zones with your Luci Tobacco-less Electronic Cigarettes!

Well if you are still reading I’m guessing you’re interested. So why Luci as opposed to other electronic cigarette companies?

For starters you get all the health benefits. It may not be approved by the FDA, but hey it’s still a cigarette. You get clean nicotine. You completely eliminate the tar, carbon monoxide, and the rest of the 1,000′s of chemicals involved with cigarettes.

Your electronic cigarettes have a warranty. Try that one with Marlboro. You get free shipping on all orders more than $100, 30 Money Back Guarantee, and even more, a LIFETIME Warranty on the Luci Atomizer.

luci e cigHow much money do you spend on cigarettes? With the rising prices these days, I’m sure you put out a pretty penny quite often. In this fallen economy you really need to compare the prices. You could potentially be saving upwards toward 75% by switching to Luci Tobacco-less electronic cigarettes. You do not even pay any shipping charges when ordering your electronic cigarettes if your order is $100 or more!

Here is one of the big differences when it comes to smoking traditional cigarettes to smoking Luci’s electronic cigarettes. You can become a sales rep or even a distributor for Luci. So you get the best electronic cigarette available, but you get to make money from selling them. The commissions start at 30%. Plus you can earn when your referrals make sales! How much better does it get?

Have you ever wanted to do your part to help make this a better world? You can do this here. These cigarettes are making this world a better place. Everything that could cause your veins to clog and your lungs to blacken have been removed. The main ingredient here is actually water. Water mixes with the nicotine to give you a great smoke. You can even buy special flavored cartridges like chocolate! Can you imagine? Plus, you can smoke in non-smoking areas such as hospitals, airports, and restaurants. By switching to Luci, your saving your life, your environment and even your wallet.

luci e cigarette kit

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