Luci E Cigarette Review

luci e cigarette

Are you a smoker? If you are, I am sure that you have considered quitting more than once. You understand and appreciate what the tar, and the carbon monoxide does to your lungs. Just the fact that smoking turns your teeth an ugly shade of yellow should make you want to throw your cigarettes away forever. Don’t you want to be proud of your smile?

What if there was a way that you could quit smoking cigarettes without quitting? Now I have you confused don’t I?

Let me introduce you to a company called Luci. With towns passing laws to stop smoking in public places, Luci is doing their part to help out. They have created a tobacco-less electronic cigarette that produces a vapor which contains the nicotine that we are all addicted to. The main ingredient is actually water. What is important is the stuff that it doesn’t contain. No more harmful chemicals, which could potentially, clog your veins or turn your lungs into miners black lungs! You can actually smoke Luci Tobacco-Less Electronic cigarettes in non-smoking sections!

So why should you choose Luci Electronic cigarettes over other brands? Even though, these cigarettes are not approved by the FDA, you are inhaling clean nicotine. The thousands of potentially hazardous chemicals have been eliminated, including tar and carbon monoxide.

The Luci Electronic cigarettes come with a warranty, do any other commercial brands of cigarettes have that? If you order more than $100 worth of product, you get free shipping. The company also provides you with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Unheard of with regular cigarettes! There is also a lifetime warranty on their Luci Atomizer product.

If you still want to smoke, but want to save money and inhale cleaner nicotine then it might be worth your while to consider using Luci Tobacco-Less electronic cigarettes. With their money back guarantee what have you got to lose? Try them out and if you are not satisfied within 30 days, take them up on their guarantee. Potentially you could be saving upwards of 75% of what you are spending now, it is definitely something worth thinking about.

Now as a smoker, I am sure you know many other people who smoke. How would you like to make money selling Luci’s electronic cigarettes to your friends and coworkers? You can earn at least 30% commission by becoming a distributor for the company. You will even make money from your referrals. Think about it, you can earn your cigarettes for free!

The Luci cigarettes are environmentally friendly and are available with flavored cartridges like chocolate. By using these products, you will be doing your part to save the environment and helping others make healthier choices. You could save family members from developing lung cancer and prevent them from clogging up their veins with harmful chemicals.

Remember too that by switching to a Luci E Cigarette you can smoke your electronic cigarettes in non-smoking areas such as hospitals, airports, restaurants and shopping malls. In essence, you are saving your own life and protecting the environment.