Joye Ego Review


The Joye eGo Review

When the chance to do the newest pen style electric cigarette Joye eGo review was offered to me I had to give it a try. The first thing I noticed was that the new eGo was made out of stainless steel with a nice finish that made it look pretty cool. I have been sampling and reviewing most of the popular brands of electronic cigarettes for some time now but this was my first try on a pen style e cigarette.

Joye eGo Review

Besides looking different from the typical e cigarette the eGo is in a whole other category it’s more of a vaporizer than electronic cigarette meaning it has a wide range of options and some people would probably prefer to use it for a while rather than just as a temporary alternative to smoking cigarettes.

This Joye eGo Review explains more:

The Joye eGo is definitely different from the standard cigarette style e cigarettes in a good way. The vapor is thicker than the standard cigarette style it has a push button that makes it create vapor instantly. For someone looking for the next step to go after using the standard electronic cigarettes this is the way to go.

When trying out a new brand for review we usually compare vapor quality and battery life this is not very easy to do with the eGo because both the vapor and the batteries out perform the standard style e cigs by quite a lot as each battery is good for roughly 12 hours. As far as overall quality the eGo has been a long standing leader for the pen style e cigarettes and ranks high as a top rated electronic cigarette with the most reputable reviews.

Joye eGo ReviewIf you are new to electronic cigarettes you may want to try a pen style e cigarette as they do offer a lot of choices and can be customized to fit your specific likes. The eGo is a little more complex than a more standard cigarette style e cig. Pen style e cigarettes are a really good alternative to smoking cigarettes.


The Joye eGo is great for someone who enjoys vaping and wants to experiment with a wide range of options to choose from including vapors and strengths of nicotine. The flavors offered are great like blueberry, peach menthol, watermelon, chocolate mint, cherry cola and a whole lot more. The eGo is a high quality brand that has gained attention from the increase of people switching to pen style electronic cigarettes to get more consistent quality.


You can find out more and purchase it here:  Joye Absolute eGo 1000 mAh (Type A) Starter Kit

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