Janty eGo E-cigarette Review

janty eGo

The Janty eGo is a high-quality electronic cigarette that offers a long battery life and outstanding performance in a an elegant and durable design you’d be proud to take anywhere with you.

This Janty eGo review will take a look at what this international best-selling electronic cigarette has to offer.


The Janty eGo does not resemble a traditional cigarette; it is bigger in size and looks more like a classic elegant pen that is great to hold.

For those who prefer e-cigarettes that look almost exactly like the conventional tobacco cigarette, this may not be what you are looking for. Since the Janty eGo does not look like the regular cigarette, it is a more subtle device to use when vaping in public.

The Janty eGo sets are available in black, stainless (silver) and gold colors. The black eGo has a rubbery texture and is versatile in the sense that you can match it with almost any outfit and occasion. The stainless and gold versions look very regal and will definitely make you stand out.

Battery life

The battery life is terrific and consistent. The powerful 650 mah batteries allow you to vape all day. When you run out, it only takes an hour and a half to re-charge. Furthermore, the USB charger makes it easy to re-charge on the go. You can even charge and vape at the same time.


The vapor production is excellent and the throat hit is superb. You will not be disappointed. Its reliable and outstanding performance makes vaping a thoroughly satisfying experience.

E-liquid Flavors

The Janty Classic and Janty Elixir Series e-liquids come in a range of flavors, strengths and sizes. Nicotine strengths range from zero nicotine to super high (24 mg), to suit all smokers. Flavors include tobacco variants, polar mint, vanilla, cola, chocolate, and many other fruity and exotic flavors. Each puff gives a burst of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds!


Although the price may be a little on the high side, the Janty eGo is a worthy investment. You are guaranteed to get the highest quality for your money. Also consider this: Janty are the makers of the original eGo model of electronic cigarettes. The eGo is one of the world’s best-selling electronic cigarettes and has numerous copycats. When you buy a Janty eGo, you are assured that you are getting the original and the best quality there is…

…It is best to check out Janty’s official website at www.jantyworld.com for the current pricing and promos. You might be lucky enough to score major discounts as they constantly offer generous promos throughout the year.

At the time of this review, Janty eGo kits range from €48,95 to €59,95. Various sets are available with different pricing and features.

A Janty eGo Standard Black set (€48,95) consists of:

  • (1) Janty atomizer
  • (1) Janty TAWA atomizer or 1 Janty LR atomizer
  • (2) 650 mah manual batteries
  • (2) atomizer cover cones
  • (1) Fast USB charger
  • (1) USB wall adapter
  • (5) pre-filled cartridges with Janty RY4 flavor (high)
  • (1) Janty pouch with embroidered logo
  • A manual in English

It is best to check out Janty’s official website at jantyworld.com for the current pricing and promos. You might be lucky enough to score major discounts as they constantly offer generous promos throughout the year.

Customer Support

Janty provides the friendliest customer support and also offer one of the best warranties in town. They really take care of their customers’ concerns before and after purchase. You can really tell that they take great pride in their work and their innovations and want to reach out to their customers – and keep them.

If you are searching the market for a high-quality electronic cigarette that will deliver a one-of-a-kind vaping experience, look no further than a Janty eGo.