Good Karma E Cigarette To World And The Air

Karma e cigarette


As a person concerned about my health and the environment, but sadly addicted to cigarettes, I was fortunate enough to run across and have the opportunity to try the Karma E Cigarette.  Very much a kin to where I have been struggling to take my life and thanks to Karma it is now possible.

The free shipment was swift and the Karma E Cigarette and packaging was in perfect order.  Not wasteful and over packed like I have received other products through the male.  I am always glad to see a company be conscious of not wasting supplies. Not to mention a company willing to give you a life time warranty on their product.  I don’t remember the last time a company backed there product like that in quite some years.

My $79.95 Karma E Cigarette kit came with:

1 charging storage case (I received a fully charged shipment)

2 batteries

1 USB charger

1 110v wall charger

1USB cable

5 tasty flavors of Tobacco, Menthol, Sunburst with Vitamin C, Vanilla, and Coffee.

I had to smile when I opened the package of flavors.  Upon opening and taking a look at the flavor packs, it reminded me of when I used to smoke hookah flavored tobacco.  I was actually sad at the thought of never having my Hookah experience ever again and I’ll be darned that it was not a disappointment when I dove strait into the Sunburst + Vitamin C flavor.  Ah to be guilt free and not worry about the air my pets are breathing and to not worry about my old neighbor next door thinking it’s other than tobacco.  Such a relief! So enjoyable!

I have to admit that I was skeptical of trying out an Electronic Cigarette.  A friend of mine handed me one of her Smok E cigs to try out and I was not too keen on how light it felt to my throat.  I did some research on my own to find the right brand and found Karma.  I definitely have no complaints on how the Karma E Cigarette hit right off the bat on the back of my throat when I first received it at home.  I have been a full flavor cigarette smoker for many years and I needed that hard throat hit just to get past the first couple of days.  Over time I figured out how the Karma E Cigarette was flexible to my needs with just slight changes to how I smoked it.  My throat feelers healed and my Karma did not disappoint.  This product has saved my conscious, my health worries, and I am very happy.

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