Electronic Cigarette Is It All a Smoke Screen?

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Electronic Cigarette Is It All a Smoke Screen?

By Paul Edwards

Buying Christmas presents for the family can always be a mission, especially when it comes to my Mum. Everything she needs she has so it?s an almost impossible task. My Mum enjoys her luxuries and she likes to live life to the full ? that?s why she drinks like a fish and smokes like a trooper. I have always objected to her 25 a day habit and have tried continuously to get her to give up. Anyone who is close to a smoker will know they can be very stubborn and make every excuse and reason not to give up! Her favorite excuse is always down to putting on weight. She has tried to give up before and I remember going to bed at 6.30p.m as she was so grumpy about not being able to have a smoke.

It was my brothers? idea to get my Mum one of these electronic cigarettes. He said it would stop the house from having that terrible lingering odor and it has a lot less harmful chemicals in it too. These reasons alone made the present a fantastic idea ? it was certainly very practical. And anything that helped my Mother and her health was always worth a try.

My Mum now has several grandchildren and she is adamant that they call her Nan; apparently it makes her appear younger! She has had to be more considerate when smoking, what with having the kids around. Their parents, like me are very anti-smoking and object strongly to a chain smoking atmosphere. Saying it is a huge struggle for my Mum is an understatement. Often as the day goes by you can see the strain, having to refrain from her life long friend ? the cigarette.

My Mother is very cynical and so was very dubious with the idea to start off. The face on her when she opened her Christmas present should have been caught on camera. It was one of total disgust and she didn’t even bother to have a proper look at her present at first. She said it would be a complete waste of time and asked if we had kept the receipt. I told her no so that she might feel obliged to at least give the thing an attempt.

It was at least a couple of weeks before the electronic cigarette made its first appearance. My Mum had been deprived from a ciggie for at least a couple of hours and the signs of her irritability had started to show. I actually think my Mum was pleasantly surprised when she took her first puff although she would rather die than admit to it. The electronic cigarette has by no means cured my Mum ? she is still smoking. But the good news is she is down to 10 a day which is a huge improvement. The rest of the time she will use the electronic cigarette. I am already thinking of what to buy my Mum this year for Christmas. I think if I buy her a crate of alcohol free wine that would definitely be a face to remember.

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