Easier Travels With E Cigarettes

When I used to smoke tobacco cigarettes while venturing about in my travels I found it to be an inconvenience in several annoying ways. If I needed to move to a new place I would have to make sure they allowed smoking and not necessarily indoors but even outside can become an issue especially if it bothers neighbors. I move around a lot almost every year or so and you would be surprised to see how much more limited my options became due to my toxic and obnoxious habit. When going on a road trip with some friends in a non-smoking vehicle it would have me a little anxious at times not being able to smoke. If your area of living hasn’t been affected by the new trend of the smoking ban it might be coming to a neighborhood near you sometime soon. Many popular places are already under the new smoking ban and it’s making it tougher for smokers. These are some of the reasons why people are now switching to tobaccoless cigarettes.

E Cigarettes Make Traveling More Convenient

smoking banWhen I first started using e cigarettes I had no idea to all the advantages to my old addiction to tobacco cigarttes. Believe it or not most all of the different brands and starter kits out there with their different prices and cartridge options even the more expensive ones will save you money within a month or two max if you swap them with regular cigarettes. I just came back from Hawaii and I asked how much a pack of my old brand was selling for and it was $9 and up which is about $3.50 more than back in California where I’m from. I hear New York has insane cigarette prices as well as $10 and up. Take a look at how much many different e cigarette brands price their cartridges and their equivalence to regular cigarettes and you will see a nice drop in price. Depending on how much your cigarettes cost you, you will likely save a minimum of a dollar or more per pack compared to your old cigarettes. To me this is part of the traveling benefits because I saved so much money over the past year I have been able to go travel a little bit here and there. The dollars add up fast since I have been saving nearly half as much from making the switch!

Flying On An Airplane With E Cigarettes

Since I recently had an opportunity to travel to Hawaii, the big island, I got to use my e cigarette on the plane. Well, I actually didn’t use it while sitting in my seat but instead used it several times in the bathroom. Since it is just a vapor it causes no smoke alarms to trigger. I brought some cartridges that had a bit higher nicotine level than what I usually puff on since I was limited to being in the bathroom for very long. Five or six puffs and I was good for another hour or two. Some flavors can put off a bit of a scent but no one will think it was from you puffing on an e cigarette. I found this to be the easiest way to smoke on the plane without anyone bugging me or causing a scene.

What Is The Best E Cigarette of 2011?V2 Cigs Future Smoking

The best e cigarette 2011 company I believe would likely to be V2 Cigs simply because they make a great e cig for a fair price. Like with almost any electronic products out there you do get what you pay for. I still use several different brands such as the Safe Cig, Green Smoke, White Cloud, as well as South Beach Smoke. I like a wide variety of flavors and that is why I still use most of them. I keep the Green Smoke in my car and have it charged through my cigarette lighter outlet. I usually have the White Cloud and my V2 Cigs handy at my work desk where I spend most my time during the day. I have my South Beach Smoke in my garage for when I’m working on my car and listen to talk radio. I just started trying the new Safe Cig Micro so lately I have been taking it out with me for coffee in the mornings. I really like how small and lightweight it is. I never had much luck with the Blu Cigs to be honest, it was kind of faulty half the time it worked and the other half it didn’t. The 7-11 across the street from where I used to live had some e cigs but they tasted like shit really another one I tried(a disposable) I barely dropped it from 2 feet up and it stopped working, it was supposed to last all day but I had it for about an hour, what a waste of 10 bucks.

E Cigarette Are The Way Of The Future!new micro safe cig

I’m very grateful I found electronic cigarettes. I’m glad that I didn’t originally buy an e cig before doing a bit of research. I have a feeling if I would have bought the first one I ever saw I would not liked it much and might have been completely discouraged from giving the e cig another chance. I highly recommend to anyone just starting out with e cigarettes to read up on the many electronic cigarette reviews available. They will give you insight on the different options that will help make sure you try one that is best for you.