E Cigarettes – An Alternative for Smokers

2 piece e cigarette








With an increasing number of states enacting laws that restrict smoking in public places, companies have been bringing out new forms of delivering nicotine to smokers in the form of e cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.  An e-cigarette essentially emulates real tobacco cigarettes by creating the same flavors of nicotine and even offering a mist that looks like real smoke.  The fake smoke is created by an atomizer that acts in a similar way that a humidifier does, creating a mist or vapor from a glycerin based liquid.


An electronic cigarette is composed of three parts: an atomizer, a battery compartment and a cartridge.  The atomizer, like stated before, creates the steam or fake smoke by heating up a liquid.  This part often becomes full of sediment from the liquid and needs to be replaced on occasion.  The cartridge, or the mouthpiece, is where the liquid is stored.  These are sometimes disposable in certain brands of e cigarettes and refill cartridges must be purchased.  Other models can be refilled with just the liquid.  The battery units often hold lithium-ion rechargeable batteries which can be recharged just like cell phones or iPods.  Some e cigarettes also have an LED light at the end, which mimics the look of a burning cigarette. 


The liquid inside the e cigarette cartridges is sometimes called the nicotine solution.  The bulk of the solution is a glycerin based liquid that is used as a solvent for the added nicotine and flavoring.  Often, these solutions are flavored to match the taste of popular cigarette brands.  Other flavors that you may find include chocolate, vanilla, fruit, caramel and coffee.  In addition, the amount of nicotine contained within each cartridge can vary in doses.  The common amounts vary from none, to a low dose (6-8 mg/ml), a medium dose (10-14 mg/ml), a high dose (16-18 mg/ml) and an extra-high dose (24-36 mg/ml). 


There are already several brands and models of smokeless cigarettes available today.  Many of them are reusable and you can purchase refill cartridges for them online, while  other models are disposable.  Some models are designed to look like ball-point pens and others are designed to look like traditional cigarettes.  In addition, some brands offer sophisticated designs on the housing while others are created to look exactly like a regular cigarette with the exact same coloring.


The point of e cigarettes is to emulate the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette.  They can be used in settings where traditional smoking has been banned or can be used as devices to help quit smoking.  The benefits are under debate though because some people feel that smokeless cigarettes will simply encourage non-smokers to take up “vaping” (a term reserved for smoking from e cigarettes) because they claim to be safe.  However, e-cigarettes are so new that there are very few peer review studies available to look at.


The price of these new e cigarettes can vary by brand and model.  Starter kits, which come with two batteries, a wall charger, USB charger, a storage box and cartridges start at approximately $50 and can go up to over $100.  On the other hand, disposable e cigs can be a bit pricier as the prices start around $15 each.  However, one disposable e cigarette is equivalent to three packs of menthol cigarettes.  The disposable e cigs also come in different flavors such as blueberry, apple or menthol.


According to reviews from real smokers, Green Smoke appears to be one of the top e cigarette companies.  While this company is a bit more expensive than its competitors, users really enjoy the ease of use and their convenience.  A Green Smoke starter kit will cost approximately $139 before shipping.


Some smokers really enjoy these new e cigs while others are unwilling to give up their traditional cigarettes.  Some benefits of e cigarettes include no ash, no need to search for a lighter and no need to clean up cigarette butts.  On top of that, electronic cigarettes are healthier for both smokers and the people around them.  Since no actual smoke is emitted, the air is cleaner and toxic chemicals aren’t released into the air like they are with traditional cigarettes. These products are really a win-win for everyone, and if you’re a current smoker you should definitely give them a shot.