E-cigarette Reviews and Product Features


Leonardo DiCaprio using e-cigarette to help quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette has been around for a few years now, and is starting to gain in popularity. Due to the fact that they have been around for a while now and there are quite a few different companies manufacturing these electronic cigarettes, there are now many e-cigarette reviews easily accessible to the consumer. It is important to review and personally assess a product such as this before purchasing to avoid disappointment if you do buy something and then realize you may have purchased the wrong type.

What makes an electronic cigarette so good?

For many smokers, whilst an electronic cigarette may not help you overcome your psychological dependence, you can definitely reduce the copious amounts of harmful chemicals that you breathe in with every puff if you switch to smoking with this type of cigarette. Tobacco smoke from regular cigarettes specifically contains over 4000 different hazardous chemicals. It is these chemicals that actually make smoking as harmful as it is, and is what makes smokers so sick.

What if you could reduce that number of 4000 down to one? Yes, that is correct, just one. Would you feel better as a smoker that you are not inhaling extremely dangerous chemicals into your own body, or the bodies of your loved ones around you? Absolutely! It really does not need to be thought about too much at all. An electronic cigarette creates water vapor that is infused with nicotine. The levels of nicotine can also be adjusted to suit the user.

The other great outcome from the use of the water vapor system is that there is no smoke, fire or smell. All smokers, and friends and families of smokers know how that smell of stale cigarettes is extremely invasive. It gets into clothes, carpets, stains paintwork, and you can always tell immediately if someone has smoked a cigarette in a car.

All smokers know the psychological and physical battle in attempting to give up the habit. It seriously takes an extremely concerted effort and huge amount of willpower to cease. An electronic cigarette can keep your hands busy, you could still get that nicotine hit, but without all of the cancer causing agents. All brands on the market have been designed to look exactly like the original tobacco cigarette, thereby ensuring you do not stand out like a sore thumb when you turn one on.

Are E-cigarette Reviews Favorable?

There are a lot of users of the electronic cigarettes all around the world, and a lot of different types to choose from. To find honest e-cigarette reviews, there are plenty of blogs and even forums where a consumer can conduct some research before purchasing their first one. Some of the higher rated ones include Green Smoke, Luci, SmokeStik and Smoke51.

Green Smoke is a great electronic cigarette for the beginner electronic smoker. It comes in an easy to use two piece design, perfect for those smokers starting out. It does produce good amounts of vapor. Users have reported being able to stop real cigarettes after only one week of using the Green Smoke cigarettes. Another great feature, enjoyed by users is the option to add flavors such as chocolate and vanilla.

Purchasers and users of the Luci electronic cigarette appear to be quite impressed with its overall stylish appearance. There are also a lot of positives about the price of the starter kit and the amount of equipment that is included. Another positive for this product is that the unit contains a chip that will cease nicotine delivery after a certain amount of time, so no more wastage.

The SmokeStik also gets favorable reviews for the fact that it looks so close to a real tobacco cigarette. It’s size and styling make it easy to use, and nice to hold onto. Users have also reported giving up the tobacco cigarettes after a very short period of time. Remember that with electronic cigarettes you are able to smoke anywhere, receive your nicotine, you will not give off second hand smoke, you and your family and your home will smell fresher, and above all else, you will save money.

The Smoke51 products are favored for a realistic taste and also for producing good amounts of vapor. This one also comes in an easy to use two piece design, so again would be a great one for beginners to start out with. Reviewers have stated that they have been able to give up tobacco cigarettes completely after a few weeks.

Giving up smoking is hard, but with electronic cigarettes, you do not have to stop if you don’t want to. If you are concerned about trying them out for yourself, then you don’t have to be too worried, as most of the top brands do come with a money back guarantee. If you are a smoker, then really there is no further harm to be done to yourself, or the people around you, by trying out this healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.