Do Not Buy A Blu Cig! There Are Way Better E Cigarettes!

My Horrible Experience With Blu Cigs E Cigarettes.

Although blu cigs e cigarettes were one of the first brands to make a name for themselves, and e cigarettes in general, they have since been surpassed by their competitors. Blu cigs were in fact the first brand of e cigarette that I heard of, and the first brand I tried. They make a very flashy, nice looking product, which is probably why I got one for myself. Unfortunately they do not work very well at all.

After trying out the blu cig for a while I decided that e cigarettes were a rip-off and a waste of money. I had such a horrible experience with mine when I was trying to quit smoking that I nearly went into a rage once when the e cigarette I had gotten from them refused to work for me anymore. It never worked great, and it only did that for a couple months before it stopped working altogether.different  e cigarettes

Imagine you are quitting smoking. You decided to try out e cigarettes to see if they can help you to get over the habit. Unfortunately you ordered the glitzy looking one online that looks cool but doesn’t work very well at all. You are having a cigarette craving and decide to use your new blu cig e cigarette. You have charged the battery, the cartridge is bran new. The first two drags you take are great. It tastes like a cigarette, smokes like a cigarette, yet you are not smoking. You feel great, until you try to take a third drag. All of a sudden it doesn’t taste right and it doesn’t produce any vapor. Oh well you say to yourself, it probably has a problem I can easily fix. You take it apart, double check that the battery is fully charged (it is), make sure the cartridge you are using really is bran new (it is), look at the little atomizer, blow on it, it heats up, so you put it back together. Again, the first two drags are great, and then it stops working again.

I must have done this ten times in a row. While also looking up everything I could online about what could be wrong with it, and finding nothing helpful. Finally I found something that I considered useful information, a e cigarette review site that said blu cigs is one of the worst e cigs on the market. If only I had found that review before I bought it…

Turns out blu cigs although being one of the first big name, popular e cigarette brands, had been outpaced by a bunch of other e cig brands since they started out. I really felt bad because I had showed it to my mom who is an ex smoker and told her how cool it was before it totally crapped out on me. She went and ordered one for herself and got even worse results than I did. Hers took about two months to get to her, and it came with a bunch of dried up cartridges that didn’t work at all.

At this point I had pretty much given up on e cigarettes altogether. I was still not smoking and I probably never would have tried them again had it not been for a friend of mine that let me use his greensmoke e cig. It worked so much better than the blu I had gotten that I got pissed off all over again that I had wasted my money on the blu cig. After trying out my friends grrensmoke I decided to give e cigs anther try.

This time I read all the e cigarette reviews I could find first, before placing my order. I heard and saw a lot of good things being said about v2 cigs so I decided to give them a try. I have since then received my new v2 e cig and I like it even more than my friends greensmoke. I still wish I hadn’t wasted the money on the first one, but I am really happy now to have a e cig that really works well, and I am glad I gave them another try.