Customer Review, Why V2 Cigs Are The Most Popular E Cigarette…

V2 Cigs is fast becoming the most popular e cigarettes available.

A relatively new brand, V2 Cigs has quickly established itself as one of the top brands of e cigarettes, and is making a name for itself as a market leader. I think the reasons for V2 Cigs success is clear.Of any e cig companies I know of, V2 Cigs is the best at giving customers what they want out of an e cig.

Popuar E Cigarette Case

From day one, V2 Cigs seemed to become popular quickly. By offering a better looking, nicer feeling, and yet still inexpensive, e cigarette.That said, V2 Cigs has come a long way since they first started. They have continuously responded to customers needs and wants. They have implemented both more options in their line of products, and improved their customer service. V2 Cigs now offers more battery options, more flavor options, extended customer service hours, a thirty-day money back guarantee, and most impressively, a lifetime warranty on all e cigarette batteries.

The other reason I believe V2 Cigs is such a popular e cigarette is the wide variety of options they offer.

V2 Cigs has customizable batteries that can come in three different colors, three different lengths, and with or without a manual button. They also offer a wide range of flavored cartridges, with new flavors being released with names like Congress, Red, and Sahara that imitate the flavors of major cigarette brands. Finally, they offer a wide range of options for the size of  electronic cigarette starter kits they offer. Their e cigarette starter kits are offered with anything from one battery to four different batteries. Each of which are, of course, customizable themselves.

Most Popular E Cigarette Batteries

Last but definitely not least. One way to be sure to be popular with your customers is beating your competitors prices. V2 Cigs has some of the best priced e cig starter kits around. Also, the refill cartridges are priced better than any other top quality brand of e cigarette I have seen. Furthermore they commonly offer special promotions and sale prices that allow customers to get even better deals on their e cigs than usual. In fact, on the 22nd to the 24th of this month (April, 2011), they are offering a 20% store wide discount.

V2 Cigs Starter Kit

I got an e cigarette from V2 Cigs when they were first available and I am not surprised to see that they have become one of the most  popular electronic cigarette companies. I have been happy with mine since I got it, and it seems that they have only improved their line of products and service since then. I expect that V2 Cigs will remain one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes for some time to come, becoming more popular over time, they may at some point become “The” electronic cigarette.

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