Customer Green Smoke E-Cigarette Review

My Green Smoke E-Cigarette Experience

green smoke e-cigarette

Like a lot of you fellow smokers out there, I used to run into a lot of grief for choosing to smoke. I’d hear it all the time from my friends and family. “Stop smoking! You’ll give yourself cancer and lung disease, you fool!” And, of course, there were the associated hassles of not being able to smoke on airplanes, busses, airports, or in restaurants, or even bars! There was always the “guilt trip” people who should have been minding their own affairs would give me over the issue of so-called “second hand smoke” as well. Finally, I got sick of it all, and decided to quit altogether. Not because I hated smoking -I loved it, and still do!- but because I was sick of meddling, nosy strangers, “concerned” relatives, and the actions of the state and federal government as well. So, I left traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes behind, forever and for good!


The Green Smoke E-Cigarette

greensmoke e-cigarette

Since then, I’ve discovered the Green Smoke E-cigarette, and I’ve never looked back. It’s a fantastic new product which perfectly simulates the experience of smoking, with none of the harmful side effects or mess! And no one can hand you an unwarranted guilt trip over “second hand smoke” when you smoke a Green Smoke e-cigarette! The last time scientists checked, no one ever contracted cancer or lung disease from inhaling pure, super-heated water vapor! When you smoke a Green Smoke e-cigarette, all guilt is gone! There’s no bad breath afterward, no musty smell on your clothing, no nicotine stains on your fingers, no ash to clean up, and no butts to throw away! Green Smoke e-cigarette cartridges are disposable. When you finish with one, chuck it into the trash can, and that’s that! Out of sight, out of mind!

 2-Part Green Smoke E-Cigarette Technology

Smoking a Green Smoke E-Cigarette

The two part system of a Green Smoke E-cigarette is simple, ingenious, very effective, and very convenient to utilize. Once you break in the batteries that a Green Smoke e-cigarette uses in order to super heat the water vapor that you “smoke”, you’ll get a lot of life out of them. The long one will do its job for up to 24 hours, which gives me a full day of smoking satisfaction! That’s a heck of a lot more than you’d receive from any normal, traditional, tobacco filled cigarette, that’s for sure! As stated above, the cartridges of a Green Smoke e-cigarette are very easy to use, and are fully disposable once you’re done with them. There a few flavors to choose from as well, although for the American market, they are somewhat limited at the present time. This is expected to change in the near future, when all of the international flavors will finally be allowed to be marketed in the United States.

 Get Your Own Green Smoke E-Cigarette Now

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I can’t say how much I’ve loved switching to Green Smoke e-cigarette flavors! I have no more “throat burn” from smoking too many tobacco cigarettes in one day. I can smoke almost anywhere, and no one can say a thing to make me feel bad or guilty or shameful about it! The freedom that a Green Smoke electronic cigarette can give you is just too good to pass up! So check your local convenience store for a Green Smoke e-cigarette, and if they don’t have them for sale, demand they stock them! You’ll never regret switching over! Click Picture for website.