Cigarti Electronic Cigarettte Review

I got my first electronic cigarette about a year ago, back when they first came out. I have since tried out several different brands of e cigs and found that there are slight and sometimes big differences between the different brands of e cigs. Some have longer lasting batteries, others have better tasting vapor, Some are clunky, big, and awkward. While some are nice, and sleek looking.

I decided that the next e cig I  was going to get and try out for myself was going to have to have a clean,  sleek looking design. I also wanted to choose a brand of e cigs that offered  lots of different flavor options. With that in mind. I did some research on which e cig  offering the nicest looking e cigs with a good variety of cartridge flavor options.Cigart E Cigarette Kit

That is how I ended up coming across Cigarti. Cigarti is one of the only brands of e cigs I found that offers different customizable “skins” for the batteries they make. Rather than having a plain white e cigarette, you can get one with a specially designed print.  Cigarti also offers their e cigarette cartridges in nine different flavors. (I found I like the flavored vapor cartridges made for e cigs, even though I never really cared for flavored cigarettes.) The cartridges they make come with built in atomizers.  I  appreciate that Cigarti uses a simple two piece design where all you need is a battery with a charge, and a cartridge. No separate atomizer piece to where out, brake, become lost, or whatever else.

Cigarti also boasts on their website that their batteries recharge within an hour (which is a lot faster than some) and that their cartridges last as long as two packs of traditional cigarettes. Also, interestingly, Cigarti includes a membership card that they say gives their customers priority status online and at their retail stores, as well as having some information on it explaining what an e cig is, and how, since it only produces vapor, it can legally be smoked anywhere. I thought that was a cool idea. That way, if anyone asks me about it, I can just show them the little card and let it explain for me.

Cigarti E Cigarette CartridgesI decided to look around more and make sure I was getting the best e cig possible for myself before I made the order. I found some other compelling brands, but it seemed Cigarti was my best choice if I wanted to get something different and new. Something that might stand out from the other ones I have, and look a lot cooler. I ordered a package from Cigarti earlier today and I can’t wait to receive it from them. I decided to order a Deluxe starter kit from cigarti. I got a variety pack of flavors so that I could give them all a try. And you know already know, I had to order a cool looking, specially designed battery.

I will hopefully be receiving my new Cigarti electronic cigarette kit soon. When I do, I will test it out thoroughly, and I will write, and submit a new review describing just what I think. I really hope  it will live to my expectations and become my new favorite electronic cigarette.