Cigarti E Cigarette Review

I was immediately impressed upon receiving my package from Cigarti. First of all it was delivered within a few days after I placed my order. Upon opening up my package I could immediately tell that Cigarti was a well made product. The packaging itself is well thought out, and well put together. The cartridges come in individually wrapped in a plastic five pack. The kit is very simple and easy to use. It comes with an instruction booklet but it isn’t necessary to read it because it is all pretty self explanatory anyway. The batteries are right on top, already charged with cartridges ready to go. Underneath is a wall charger, a USB charger, and spare cartridges. Also included in the package is a small wallet sized card that explains how electronic cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes, it also states that the electronic cigarette is not outlawed for indoor use.

Cigarti E Cig ReviewI like the custom designed battery I ordered but it is quit as cool looking as I imagined. I am glad I also ordered one of the regular white batteries as well. Cigartis plain white e cigarette resembles an actual cigarette more than any other e cig I have seen. Electronic cigarettes are typically bigger than regular cigarettes, but Cigarti managed to make theirs only bigger by a hair. It even has little grey lines like most cigarettes have. The LED light they use on the end is a kind of orange-red that looks more like an actual cigarette cherry than any other e cigarette brand I have seen.

With my order I received a variety pack of refill flavor cartridges. I like flavored e cig vapor, and wanted to try them all out, so that I could compare it to what I thought of other e cigarette brands. I have enjoyed smoking hookah on occasion for the past few years. I was instantly reminded of smoking hookah tobacco when I first tried the fruit flavors made by Cigarti. Except for the grape flavor which I thought tasted more similar to grape soda.

All Cigartis cartridges produce a thick, quality vapor. Of all the flavored cartridges, the strawberry and cherry were my favorites. I also got tobacco flavored cartridge refills in 11mg strength. I noticed the full strength tobacco flavor has a great cigarette like taste, as well as a strong and good throat hit that actually feels like smoking. All in all, I thought the performance and flavor of the cartridges made by Cigarti is comparable to any of my other favorite e cigarette brands.

The batteries made by Cigarti come in your choice of two different lengths whether they are plain white or a specialty skin. I found the batteries easily last me through the day, and recharge within an hour, as claimed on the Cigarti website. I have used other e cigarettes with longer battery life, but the batteries were bigger and heavier as well. In my opinion, Cigarti has come up with a good balance between battery longevity, and size. I have only used it for a couple of months now so I can’t vouch for its long term durability, but so far they have held up great, and continue to work as well as when I got them.

Cigarti E CigaretteI have found that with a lot of e cigarette brands, customer service can be very lacking. Therefore I was very impressed by Cigarti, because they have great customer service. They have a chat box on their site where they will answer any of your questions regarding their products that is monitored very well. Furthermore, I noticed that no one else has responded to my e-mails as diligently yet. I really appreciate this because I think it is imperative for any internet based business to have good customer service.

Cigarti is one of my top picks of all the e cigarettes I have tried and I am glad I got a kit from them. Cigarti is obviously on of the top brands of electronic cigarettes available. They have been in business longer than most and I expect them to be around for a long time to come. I most impressed with their small, sleek, cigarette like batteries, and their excellent cartridges flavors.

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