Can An Electronic Cigarette Help You Quit Smoking?

David Letterman using an e cigarette


Quitting smoking can be one of the toughest things for anyone to do. Smoking is such an addictive habit that it can be difficult for the body to handle a full withdrawal from it. Therefore, many people consider the use of electronic cigarette products when they want to quit smoking. However, there is a good dispute over whether or not an electronic cigarette can really help anyone out with stopping smoking.

The fact is that an electronic cigarette is not necessarily designed as a tool that works to keep a person from smoking. It is used as something that satisfies the needs that a smoker has when trying to light up. The key is that it will be safer for a smoker to handle than a real cigarette. It will also cost less and not be bothersome to other people.

A key point is that an electronic cigarette can help get a person to avoid the use of real cigarettes. A person can simply puff on the electronic cigarette when one develops a need to smoke. This will allow the user to receive the flavor of tobacco or something else in a cartridge. There will be no need to light anything up.

It helps to use this because it will allow a person to keep from grabbing a real cigarette. The electronic cigarette can be used at any time without the person having to run to some place where it is fine to smoke a real cigarette, light that cigarette up and smoke on it for a while.

This factor is important because a person who has an electronic cigarette will not be using any harmful materials in one’s body. It may not work as something that helps a person to quit smoking but it can be used to help keep a person from suffering from the serious side effects of smoking. After all, an electronic cigarette will not create any tar or smoke.

This can be beneficial from a financial standpoint because an electronic cigarette can cost less if used over time instead of smoking real cigarettes. A typical cartridge that supports about a pack’s worth of cigarettes can cost about two dollars on average. Some places have taxes and fees on cigarette packs that are higher than the cost of a cartridge.

Of course, there are some cases where people can try to stop smoking with the use of an electronic cigarette. This can be done by starting the use of an electronic cigarette with a higher level of nicotine in a cartridge and then going down to lower levels over time. People do this with the belief that it will help them to keep from having substantial nicotine cravings over time.

This is a very sensible consideration for the use of an electronic cigarette. However, this does not necessarily mean that the desire that a person has for smoking will go away altogether. There can still be a potential for a person to develop a need to smoke a real cigarette due to the habit that comes from smoking an electronic one.

The best thing to do if anyone wants to use an electronic cigarette in order to quit smoking is to use it in conjunction with other methods. The use of this kind of cigarette along with a nicotine patch or gum can help. A strong support system should also be used to improve one’s chances of successfully quitting smoking. The electronic cigarette will be used to help satisfy any sudden urges to smoke while keeping the body from harm.

In summary, an electronic cigarette may work to keep a person from spending time with real cigarettes but it does not necessarily mean that it is something that can work to keep someone from smoking altogether. There is still a potential that it may be used in conjunction with a program or setup to get the body off of nicotine.