Breathe Fresh E Cigarette Review

Breathe Fresh Premium KitI have been ordering, experimenting with, and testing a variety of electronic cigarettes for the last few months. The latest e-cig I decided to try is the Breathe Fresh e-cig. They have a nice line of quality and yet very inexpensive e-cigarettes that are both better than traditional cigarettes, and better than a lot of e-cig brands that are actually more expensive.

After testing out a few different brands and styles of e-cigs I decided that most of the three part designs are not worth it. They are kind of a hassle to deal with, and never seem to work as consistently as the two part designs. The Breathe Fresh is a two part design that includes individual atomizers built into each e-liquid cartridge. For anyone that hasn’t seen or tried one before, the idea is fairly simple: The part of the e-cig that looks like the filter is actually a cartridge containing e-liquid (turns to vapor when heated) and an atomizer that heats the e-liquid to the point of vaporization. The rest of the cigarette is actually a battery that can be recharged with a wall charger, a USB charger, or a portable charger. All of this is included with a Breathe Fresh basic starter kit.

The Breathe Fresh design is a simple, two part design. The length and width are a little bit bigger than a traditional cigarette. It also weighs a bit more. This is the case with all e-cigs. If you do start using one you will notice that the weight and size become normal after a little while. You may find that you hold them and smoke them a little differently from traditional cigarettes. Being that your not lighting and smoking a cigarette you may find yourself doing what I do and having a couple drags every few minutes, rather than sitting down and taking twenty to thirty puffs off of it like you might a cigarette.

breathe fresh coffee flavorThe thing I have found that I like the most about the Breathe Fresh electronic cigarette and what sets it apart from a lot of other brands is the taste of the vapor cartridges. Breathe Fresh has all their cartridges tested in America and they make a great flavor mixture that, although different from most traditional cigarettes, manages to taste a little like tobacco and still taste really good in its own way.

I like the portable charger that is included in the kit I got. It is a small white box, designed to look like a pack of cigarettes. It has a soft texture to it and beveled edges, so unlike some of the other electronic cigarette brands portable chargers, it fits in your pocket comfortably. The charger pack also comes with a cool feature that allows you to check the charge on your battery at any time by pushing a button.
Breathe Fresh has done a great job of making a simple, easy to use, great tasting e-cigarette that is still very affordable. When doing price comparisons I found theirs are some of the cheapest on the market and yet they are still making a great product. It makes me wonder why some brands charge so much more for the same thing.

One of the biggest things I look for in any electronic cigarette is the amount of vapor produced with each drag, and the reliability or consistency of how it functions on a day to day basis. Some e-cigs I have tried I found to be quite finicky. The blu e-cig was the first one I tried, after experimenting with a variety of other brands I now think the Blu e cigs are one of the most unreliable, inconsistent brands I have tried. The Breathe Fresh on the other hand not only offers less expensive kits but also seems to be a superior product in general. The vapor clouds it makes are nice and thick. The batteries last a long time, and I have never had a problem with it not functioning properly after using it consistently for the last month.


Anyone out there looking into getting an electronic cigarette that is simple, reliable, and a great deal, should look into getting the Breathe Fresh. They are doing a great job of making high quality e-cigarettes available for a low price.

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