Blu Cigs E Cigarette Review


Wow the new Blu has really exceeded my expectations. Upon receiving the new Blu e cigarette design I was impressed with the overall aesthetics and quality feel, a very lightweight and a sleek look. Also unlike some of the top brands of e cigarettes the blu is small and feels like a real cigarette. I really liked the new two piece design it came with a case that doubles as a charger and was equal size to a pack of cigarettes. The case has a familiar likeness to a pack of cigarettes that carries a couple batteries and a few atomizer vapor cartridges in a nice soft smooth flat texture. The quality was obvious from the first sight but to be sure I moved from inspection of the new blu to sampling the vapor.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for Blu as I had tried the original design and was not completely satisfied. I first sampled the cherry crush flavor and knew instantly Blu was my new favorite in the leading brands of e cigarettes. As a an electronic cigarette review writer I’ve been able to sample all the top brands of e cigarettes V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Smoke Frii and several others. For me the most important quality in an e cigarette is the vapor that,s exactly what really grabbed my attention about the new Blu Cigs. The vapor draw was surprisingly easy to pull and gave nice thick tasty vapor with a good throat kick.

blu cig batteriesAfter puffing on my new Blu e cigarette for a few minutes I was reminded of smoking the real thing with a little rush from the nicotine as I still do prefer the real nicotine. Also the light flavor and scent of cherries was quite pleasant. I was more than a little impressed with the vapor produced it’s made by Johnson Creek original smoke juice. Blu’s new design definitely gets my highest recommendation for e cigarettes as they’ve taken there quality to the next level.

As for the other flavors offered there’s java jolt, classic tobacco, magnificent menthol and of course cherry crush I really like the favored ones best. The menthol is smooth with a light mint flavor Blu has the feeling most similar to smoking that I’ve had yet with an e cigarette.

blu cigs cartridgesOverall the high quality light design combined with excellent vapor quality has really turned Blu into my favorite brand of electronic cigarette. When looking over the most popular electronic cigarette reviews there are a few good ones to choose from and with Blu starter kit being cheaper than some of the other top brands of e cigarettes its a no brainer I’m a satisfied customer for blu’s e-cig packs try the new Blu I’m sure you will be one too.