Barrack Obama And Smoking Still Too Hard To Quit

obama and smoking

One of the toughest things that a person can do is to quit smoking Barack Obama, the President of the United States, understands this in that he has tried to stop smoking over the years. In fact, there are many reports that suggest that he has been working hard with a number of different methods to help him try to get rid of this dangerous habit. There is still a link between Obama and smoking that needs to be addressed though.

The big reason why the link between Obama and smoking needed to be stopped was because Obama had promised his wife that he’d stop if he did run for office. However, this does not mean that Obama has had an easy time with quitting. The problem with Obama and smoking is that it is a habit that Obama has not fully be able to shake.

There have been many points in the 2008 campaign where Obama has had an urge to smoke. Fortunately, there have been several reports stating that Obama has used various smoking aids during his campaign. The most notable process for stopping the chain of Obama and smoking involved the use of nicotine gum. This is a form of gum that works to ease the body and to provide it with natural nicotine to help it feel less likely to want to smoke again. He should have just tried using the electronic cigarette or otherwise known as an e cigarette. They seem to be having a really good success rate.

The use of this to keep Obama and smoking from being a problem has been documented on a number of occasions. Some of Obama’s staffers even carried this gum with them as a means of providing Obama with support in the event that he ever gets into any concerns.

However, this could only last for so long. There had been some sightings of Obama and smoking even after the campaign ended and he was elected. There have been numerous reports of sightings of Obama smoking from a variety of people. This is in spite of Obama making only one real reference to his smoking past while in office. This was made in 2009 while signing a bill that regulates tobacco so children will be less likely to get access to it.

A big point about Obama and smoking is that this is a clear sign of how a smoking relapse can work. This is a common concern where a person who is quitting smoking gets back into it. This often happens due to many different things. For example, it can happen due to a person feeling too confident about smoking. It may involve a person getting into just one cigarette. Obama has admitted to slipping in a cigarette every now and then in the past. This is a serious concern about Obama and smoking.

The next factor in Obama and smoking involves how it may be from the people that one surrounds. Sometimes a relapse may occur when people near someone who quits smoking is smoking. One such example comes from Speaker of the House John Boehner. He has admitted to being a constant smoker over the years and has expressed concerns about this problem. Of course, there is always the concern about people in Congress and other parts of the government smoking cigars and other devices as well.

Even the stress of the job can be a problem. Sometimes people smoke in response to stress. It is not clear if this is a point that can be found in the case of Obama and smoking but it is a possibility. This is especially because of how difficult the job of President can really be.

The point about this view of Obama and smoking is that Obama has been trying to quit smoking but is generally having a tough time with doing so. He has made efforts in the past to stop. However, concerns about Obama getting into relapses and smoking even after promising to stop have hurt his image and his ability to try and get out of this harmful habit.