Apollo E Cigs Review

Apollo E Cigarette
For this Apollo E Cig Review I will give you the reader, a run down from the perspective of a light 6-10 cigarettes a day, smoker. Happy to say that I wasn’t quite expecting what I got. Shipment after ordering the Apollo E Cig was quick and easy, and when I opened the package I alone fell in love with the clean black look before even having the chance to try it. After all I don’t have much in the way of color in the closet due to ash stains and burn marks from my clumsy self, so it go’s well as an accessory to the decor of my life style and all.

I’m down with simple when it comes to electronics and when I read into online information about other Apollo E Cig Reviews, the Apollo brand was an easy choice. When it arrived in person it was a definite no brainier to hook up, wait seven hours and get to vapor puffing, although there was no wait because they came fully charged. The LED light on the end of the E Cig glows orange and when I think of a lit cigarette I need that similar virtual color glow. The vapor came out really heavy like a real cigarette which is great for me because I personally know I have a certain addiction to the visual aspect while out side with my coffee.

There is a scene in the movie Fight club of Helena Bonham Carter Playing Marla Singer, that has forever left an impression in my self image mind’s eye. In the scene that I am referencing she is smoking a cigarette, sitting in a meeting room while slowly exhaling a dense plume of smoke, with her hat on and wearing her sun glasses indoors. All part and partial to my visual addictive need to having a good amount of vapor come out of my Apollo E Cig. I also got quite fond of smoke rings while by myself and bored, and go figure it works with the vapor quite well.

Marla Singer from Fight Club

I didn’t smoke allot to begin with, but I definitely got too used to the slight carcinogenic burn to the back of the throat and well, the Apollo E Cig delivers just the right amount for my throat feelers with out all the extra bad carcinogenic’s. Not a big fan of the harsh burn at all but the Apollo gives you just enough to give the smoking sensation while allowing you to back off the real cigarettes from years of smoking. The Apollo E Cig also helps with backing off of the physical repetitive body memory that is acquired over the years. I.E. Helps brake the habit of walking however far to the outside for that smoke break. Also gives you a chance to figure out what else to do during your break time or those stressed out moments when you thought you had to have a cigarette, but you just had the Apollo E Cig to help break the habit.

All in all, I have to say that I like what I ordered and it has been well worth the price. After 15 years of smoking I’m down to one real cigarette a day and it’s only been a couple of months since it arrived in the mail. Definitely try the flavors. I personally loved the coffee flavor but it’s all up to your own taste buds, which by the way I can taste more now. At the bottom is a list of what came in the package. I hope you will enjoy the Apollo E cigs as much as myself.

Apollo Cigs Starter Kit

All Included items in this Apollo Cigs Starter Kit:

PPC charge Pack for charging your E cigarette with powerful indicator.

To-go portable E Cigarette charger.

Two atomizers.

Two long life lithium batteries. Ruffly Seven hours to charge and can be charged up to 300 times each battery.

One USB charger.

One wall adapter

Twenty Five FREE of cost cartridges consisting of five different flavors for your pleasure of trying.

1) Regular tobacco

2) Menthol

3) Vanilla

4) Cherry

5) Coffee

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