Advantage Of Using The Green Smoke

Green Smoke is a top competitor for the smokeless cigarette industry.

Although V2 Cigs seems to be the most popular e cigarette in the industry now, Green Smoke has definitely been a top choice as well. They have proven their customer loyalty and service. They make an excellent variety of styles and flavors. They continue to grow their product line as well. The newest to come about is the FlavorMax Cartomizers. These new cartomizers are impressive indeed. They last a lot longer and the flavors are pretty good.

The Flavors Are:

  • Tobacco Gold (newest flavor)
  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Red Label Tobacco
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mocha Mist
  • Smoothe Chocolate
  • Vanilla Dreams
Green Smoke FlavorMax
The New Green Smoke FlavorMax produces a nice thick vapor much like their original cartridges. Now you can get over 100 more puffs on each cartridge. It’s nice not having to change the cartridge as often although it is really simple to do and only take a second. V2 Cigs makes good cartridges too but they don’t last as long as these.
I haven’t needed to replace my Green Smoke batteries yet, I hear they last about a year unless you drop them a lot, and it’s been about 8 months since I have been using them consistently now. I just checked out their website and see they now offer a Pink e cigarette battery replacement. It’s funny too because that was the first thing my girlfriend ask me when I first got mine was if they had a pink e cig.

Pink E Cig from Green Smoke

One Huge Advantage of using Green Smoke is Saving Money

I live in Hawaii and cigarettes are not cheap out here. At less than $5 dollars per Green Smoke cartridge (when I buy 8 at a time) I am almost spending half as much as I was buying regular cigarettes. This is definitely a great thing for to know I have saved literally hundreds of dollars since I stated using the Green Smoke. Saving money is nice but I really was thinking of my health. I haven’t had the bad cough I used to get in months! I can’t thank the e cig enough for this alone.





I’m sure there are plenty of advantages of using Green Smoke that I didn’t write about here but I think you get the idea by now. If your ready to make a change for the coming years of your life the e cigarette may be something that can work for you. From what I have read on the web it has a better success rate for people trying to quit tobacco than any other product out there. I tell people about them all the time now. I think many people will have success with them as long as they are truly motivated to quit the bad habit.

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