7 Key Considerations Before You Make the Switch

e cig

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have grown into a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, for several reasons. While they still have nicotine, they do not produce smoke or smells like old cigarettes or cigars. They are also easier to start, since they use a battery and electric heater. And while e-cigs act a lot like traditional cigarettes, they are a lot of differences in how you buy and use them. So if you are thinking of making the switching to this modern cigarette, here are several big differences that you will need to keep in mind – and get used to – when adopting the new style:

1. Costs Are Difficult to Compare

Your old-fashioned cigarettes are pretty easy to pay for. You walk into a store, pay a price-per-pack, add the necessary taxes, and walk away. E-cigs are a different animal altogether. First, you have to pay for several different long-term components, from the cigarette body to the electric starter. The only part you frequently replace is the cartridge, and these cartridges last a whole lot longer than a single old-fashioned cigarette. So you can expect some steep prices up front – as much as $50 or more – and then intermittent, average costs after that. This is a very different pricing model from the frequent, low costs you may be used to.

2. Shopping Is Different, Too

Shopping for e-cigs is a different experience than shopping for traditional cigarettes. In many ways it is more like buying cigars. There are numerous online options for purchasing new cartridges, and you may want to shop around to find the best deals or discounts. Picking up e-cigs in stores, however, may be more difficult, because few stores offer necessary components and online selections are likely to be better.

3. Nicotine Levels May Get Tricky to Manage

Traditional cigarettes only have a few different nicotine levels. E-cigs have more varied choices when it comes to nicotine, and often much lower nicotine level options. Plenty of people switch to e-cigs because they want to stop using nicotine altogether, or at least stop using so much, creating plenty of market demand for tapering levels. This is great if you like choices, but not so good if you don’t want to think too hard about what you are buying.

4. Laws are Changing

E-cigs are largely known as a more flexible alternative to cigarettes, because you can use them in places where cigarettes are banned. But laws are changing, so you cannot make any assumptions (the FDA is late in making any sort of decision on e-cigs, adding to the confusion). Some cities are voting to ban e-cigs in all the places that cigarettes are also banned. Some restaurants have caved into pressure and banned both cigarettes and e-cigs within their walls. If you move to e-cigs, get ready to keep up with your local laws.

5. The Flavor Is an Important Factor

One of the great things about e-cigs is that there are so many different and unusual flavors to choose from. This means that flavor is an even more important factor than in old-fashioned cigarettes, something for you to keep in mind when you shop. Get ready to expand your taste options!

6. E-Cigs Look and Smell Different

People will know you have switched to e-cigs. The cigarette looks different, and the vapors it emits could never be confused with cigarette smoke. So, depending on who you hang out with, expect at least a certain amount of ridicule or curiosity about your switch.

7. Research is Ongoing About Safety Concerns

Basically, more research needs to be done on e-cigs. They do not have the same kinds of toxins or pollutants that other cigarettes do, but the long-term health effects of the vapor are still largely unknown. Fortunately, that research is being conducted, so keep your eyes open for any legitimate studies to learn more.

Brandon Cooper is a professional blogger that provides information on the latest electronic cigarette developments. He writes for VapeItNow.com, which sells the best vaporizer pens, vapor cigarette starter kits, e-liquid and more.