3 Reasons Why Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking

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We know what you’re thinking.

I want to use a vaporizer because I think it would make me more attractive to women. It will make me look cooler and hipper. Plus most of them do not really like smokers.”


I don’t want to smoke but I don’t want to look boring. I want to fit in, but my girl would most likely dump me.”


Too lame.

What about if…

I also think that maybe, just maybe I can already start to QUIT smoking.”

Whatever your goal is for using vaporizers, these three scenarios show that you need to stop smoking today. According to the CDC, there are more than 1,200 people dying every day prematurely because of smoking.

So indeed, aside from the vanity and desire to live and maintain an ultra lifestyle, vaporizers reduce the risk of common complications caused by smoking.

So aside from…

Your parents bugging you to quit because they will kick your ass outside the house…

Your doctor constantly reminding you to quit smoking unless you want to die of cancer…

Your peers bullying you because you do not smoke…

Your girlfriend threatening to dump you….

There is a bigger picture that shows why you should start using vaporizers in exchange of cigarettes today. That bigger picture is saving you from the health risks smoking brings to people who won’t and can’t stop smoking.

Vaping’ or vaporization is used by many today as the process of releasing aromas found in herbs such as tobaccos. There are a lot of other uses and reasons to ‘vaping’ aside from reducing the risk of inhaling carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes, such as alternative medical reasons.(Especially if you are having a hard time to breathe) This we will discuss in a later article.

The goal of this article is to encourage you to live a healthier and ultra lifestyle.We believe that living the ultra lifestyle, is to live using modern technology and innovations to increase our quality of lives! Vaping is definitely an innovation that is on the ground floor of a long future in our amazing world!

  1. Vaping is a healthier and safer alternative to smoking.

The last thing you will want for your lungs is to impair them – and give them cancer in the long run. While there are still many truths that need to be validated about the use of vaporizers, they are in a better position in terms of how it can help you achieve a better lifestyle that is far far away from the dangers posed by nicotine.

Vaporization prevents the smoke and harmful substances such as carbon monoxides and carcinogenic substances to form in your body. Smoking is a process of combustion, which destroys much of the tobaccos active ingredients.

In addition, vaporizing also gives you a complete flavor of the herb as it isn’t mixed with burningpaper and other burnt matter. The vapor quality is also incomparable to smoking as smoking tobacco directly can cause throat inflammation since the vaporizers temperature is normally cooler than smoke.

  1. Vaping improves your hygiene and appearance.

Admit it, you find it easier to light up a cigarette than to vaporize. It is just too inconvenient. But what about the aftermath of smoking?

You have to bear with the unpleasant smell of the cigarette on your clothes.

You have dirty ashtrays to clean once it’s filled.

You have to endure the stains of tar and smoke on your teeth and fingers. You also have darker lips because of burning.

And you will also find out that heavy indoor smoking can also lead to the walls to lose their true color only to form a yellowish tint. Nasty!

With vaporizers, it might take a bit longer to get it going than a cigarette, but in the long run there is so much more to gain! What is more valuable than our health!

  1. Less expensive, better taste

Depending on your addiction level to cigarettes, one thing is certain – it ruins your budget. For those who have to live through the horrors of economic hardships, it is unbelievable and disgusting to continue buying cigarettes. Smoking significantly wastes a lot of resources and also a lot of lives.

While you will argue that vaporizers, such as volcano vaporizers, are far too expensive than a pack of cigarettes, the long term results are awesome. With vaping, you will experience getting most of the purest ingredients from tobacco that are normally wasted on smoking (or combustion).

What’s sexier, is that it provides a better taste because vaporizers can make a better flavor and aroma than smoking can ever produce, because it burns all the aroma and substance via combustion.

So why don’t you try to significantly reduce the costs and the effects associated with smoking?

Although there are other alternatives if you want to quit smoking, such as nicotine patches or gums, The Economist have noted that vaping may help a smoker quit more efficiently.

Imagine a world away from dreadful lung cancer and other health risks, while still living your ultra lifestyle. If you are planning to quit smoking but do not have the courage to do so, start with vaporizers today. It is one big step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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