E Cigarette Testimonials


John F. Walker

I just found your blog from an article I read called quit smoking prescription, it was buzzed on Yahoo and GoArticles.com, I really like your style of writing. And I was a smoker of 20 years before now. I wish someone had shown me the light like you have now, I definitely would have tried electronic cigarettes. Thanks for the information and I’ll be passing this onto my son who has been wanting to try new alternatives.


This is a great review on electronic cigarettes. I have used Green Smoke for over 2 months now and they have changed my life in more ways than one.

Not only have i saved hundreds of dollars but my health has improved. I can feel the difference in my strength and energy.

Winfred Knaak

I quit smoking a week ago and its beginning to hit me now. My best friend says I probably will not handle it but I’m so determined about it I can’t fail. Today I began getting aches and pains in my abdomen and I absolutely am craving a drag. I can’t give in as I’m doing this for our youngsters. I’m blessed to have the e-cigarette. It is very helpful in my opinion.

Andrea Robinson

I’ve been smoking cigarettes for nearly 25 years. My son recently bought me a starter kit they work well and last a long time. The cost is actually less than the traditional cigarettes. Two thumbs up for electronic cigarettes!

Claude Minicucci

I wasted money on cigarettes for decades and giving them up had been extremely difficult. I tested each of the stopping gadgets still absolutely nothing helped me stop. Then I stumbled upon the e cig. The electronic cigarette uses a nicotine substance which holds just nicotine. Absolutely no cancerous substances in the least. They’ve actually changed my life.

Carrie Smith

I have been a smoker for over 20 years and have been smoke free because of the electronic cigarette. I used a local company called Elektro and it has been a blessing! If I can quit anyone can!


I am so excited to be getting my new ecig tomorrow.I have smoked cigs for over 20 years. I am only 32 and just about everyone in my mothers family has had lung cancer. Doesn’t make my odds very good. Of course smoking wasn’t helping. I am ready to stop real cigs and ready for a healthier me. I loved this review keep up the good work.



Amy J.

I’m tired of the smell, ash, and burns in my clothing.

I finally got sick of throwing my clothing away. Went online, found SneakyReviews, read through there list’s of E Cig’s and inevitably came to the decision of ordering the Smōk Electronic Cigarette. I came to this decision after going through my closet for spring cleaning and realized that 70% of my clothing items had burn marks from me being clumsy with a cigarette.

Thinking back to every moment when ash got in my eye, up my nose, on my clothing, all over my purse, all over the car, and the stink that I couldn’t get rid of just put the nail in the coffin for my realization that I wanted to quit smoking. After buying the Smōk E Cig I got my car detailed and after ten years of wearing dark clothing because of all this I finally felt liberated enough to go get lighter colored clothing.

Because I was so sick of the tobacco smell, when the package arrived I started with the flavored variety of Vanilla, cherry, and coffee. I really enjoyed the flavors, and the whole set up of the starter kit was great too. I will say that my stress levels have come down due to the Smōk E Cigarettes.

Amy J. Seattle Washington.