E Cigarette Extras

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E Cigarette Styles, Accessories, And Options:
The most common design of e cigarette and the ones we favor at sneakyreviews are in design, modeled after traditional cigarettes. There is a lot of variety even within cigarette designs. e cigarettes come anywhere in between 90mm and 120mm in length, and are usually within a few millimeters in width of a normal cigarette. In addition to these e cigarettes there is a whole array of alternative vapor devices. There are e cigars, e pipes, even something known as a “pen style” e cigarette. The pen designs don’t really look like pens or cigarettes, but they produce vapor in a similar fashion.

E Cigarette Chargers:
Along with e cigarettes comes e cigarette chargers. Chargers are also offered in a variety of different types and styles. USB chargers and wall chargers are the most common. Car chargers and portable chargers are also offered for some e cigarette brands. Portable chargers come either in a slim clam shell cigarette style case, or they are designed to resemble a flip-top box of cigarettes, depending on the brand. Portable chargers are a cool idea because they allow a port for you to screw your e cigarette into when it is drained so that it can recharge in your pocket.

Why Get An E Cigarette?
E cigarettes are a great new invention that offer a lot of advantages to traditional cigarettes. The vapor they produce contains nicotine but it does not produce many of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking. The e liquid is typically a mix of nicotine, flavoring, vegetable oil , and or propylene glycol? (the same vapor produced by fog machines). E cigarettes can be smoked indoors without any of the side affects caused by cigarettes. They do not smell, they don’t fill a room with smoke (the vapor dissipates into the air almost immediately), they don’t stain teeth or skin. Best of all, e cigarettes are generally a lot less expensive than traditional cigarettes.

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