E Cigarette Batteries

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e cigarette batteriesRecharging E Cigarette Batteries:
Because e cigarette batteries are rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which means that for the longest lasting results, it is best to fully discharge them before recharging them again. So it is best to only recharge e cigarette batteries after they have completely run out of juice. Just like a lot of phones available today. It is always a good idea to read the user guide included with your e cigarette and follow what it says when recharging exactly.

How E Cigarette Batteries Look And Function:
As I said before, the e cigarette battery is usually designed to look like the part of a cigarette that is burned away as you smoke it. As well as being a battery it also contains a tiny computer chip that governs the e cigarettes functioning, a LED light on the end, and holes that allow air to be pulled past it.

Protecting E Cigarette Batteries:
It is important not to drop e cigarette batteries from a good height, because they can be damaged by the fall, and stop working properly. Most of the better quality e cigarette brands can take a pretty good beating, but it is still a good idea to try to be careful with them, and possibly get a carrying case along with your e cigarettes in order to keep them protected.

How Long Does A Battery Last In Between Recharges?
Since people smoke at different rates, e cigarette battery life is typically measured by how many puffs they will allow before needing to be recharged. Most brands claim their batteries last anywhere between 200 and 400 puffs before running out. From what I have seen this is usually a conservative estimate. I think they are careful not to claim they work better than they do because it would look really bad if they didn’t live up to what they said.

More On Recharging:
E cigarette battery recharge usually takes in between an hour or two, so it is nice to have more than one, that way you always have one to use while the other is recharging. Some brands offer portable charging cases so that their e cigarette batteries can be charged away from home. A few e cig brands make batteries that recharge really fast and use this as a selling point.

E Cigarette Battery Styles:
E cigarette batteries are offered in multiple shapes and styles. The bigger they are the longer they typically last, the smaller they are the more often recharging is necessary. There is still a balance that needs to be maintained because people don’t want huge awkward looking e cigarettes. I have seen batteries that are the same size as cigarettes to ones that measure up to 120mm without a cartridge attached. (a normal cigarette measures 88mm). Again, most e cig batteries are wider by a hair than normal cigarettes, but some are just as thin (but they don’t last as long).

E Cigarette Battery Options:
Besides battery size there are other options available when looking at e cigarette batteries. Some brands offer a “button option”. A e cigarette battery with a button on the side allows the user to press the button before taking a drag. “Priming” the e cigarette, so that when you take a drag a couple seconds later it is already producing thick vapor. Having a button allows for manual control rather than having a sensor that responds to air movement in the e cigarette. It allows for slightly better, thicker drags, but it also makes it feel a little more foreign Some people like them and some people get annoyed by them. It is a personal preference. Besides those options e cigarette batteries also often come in different colors and are sometimes offered with “skins”, cool little designs that run the length of them.

Important Battery Variables:
The variables you want to consider when getting an e cigarette battery are size, the amount of puffs available before recharging, recharge time, button options, and style. It is a balance that everyone doesn’t agree on. That is one of the reasons there are so many different brands of e cigarettes.

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