3 Best Niche Hunting Strategies You Should Keep in Your Internet Marketing Arsenal

By Shaun Bradley

“What is the best niche to work on?”

A quick look at different internet marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising forums, etc. will show you that the above question is one of the most asked questions especially by newbies in the internet money making and advertising field. And Rightly so! After all, you can have the best promotion and traffic generation techniques but if you can’t find the best niche – the hungry crowd that you could work and promote on, such techniques are pretty useless.

Sadly, this is where MOST internet marketers, beginners and old-timers, fail…BIG TIME! And I must admit that I was once niche anxious like almost everyone else. I kept on asking – “What is the best niche for me?” BUT unfortunately, answers didn’t just come by.

The good thing is that I was able to rebound from it. Now, I can find the best niches where I could use my promotion and traffic generation techniques. And the even better part is that I’m about to share with you what these best niche hunting techniques and strategies that I use whenever I want to start a new internet marketing campaign. So without further adieu, here are the 3 of my best niche hunting strategies…and after reading this article, they could be yours, too! BUT keep in mind that as with anything else in the internet marketing field, taking action and keeping up is the key to be successful at it.

Best Niche Hunting Strategy 1

Go for niches with people wanting to solve a problem. You see, every single day, people surf on the net to find the best cure for arthritis, acne, to fix their computer, clean their registry, help their kids with ADD, and that’s just to name a few.

So how do you find these people with problems looking for a quick solution or fix?

What I do is log in and check Yahoo! Answers. This is a place on the net where people get to ask almost any question they want to ask. In return, other users get to contribute by giving their best answers.

Best Niche Hunting Strategy 2

People hate being sold BUT they love buying. That’s a fact you have to keep in mind. What you want to do is promote what’s already selling like hotcakes…what people buy from left, right, and center.

You can find the hottest selling physical products by checking the Amazon Best Seller section or eBay Pulse. Having a look at these places on the net will give you an idea what’s hot and what’s NOT.

Best Niche Hunting Strategy 3

People with similar wants or needs gather – that’s something you have to always bear in mind. That’s why there are loads of forums, social networks where you can find like-minded people, and lots more.

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Shaun Bradley

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