The E Cigarette: Advantages Over Real Cigarettes

The E cigarette, also called the E cig or Electronic cigarette is touted as the healthier alternative to real cigarettes and other tobacco products. It makes use of cutting-edge micro-technology and is non-flammable. Most importantly, an e cigarette gives smokers a smoking experience minus the tobacco, added chemicals, and cancer risks.

An electronic cigarette utilizes a rechargeable battery or power supply that looks like a real cigarette’s body with a LED light on its tip where the flame is found in real cigarettes to mimic the burning tobacco. Aside from delivering nicotine, the vapor produced by an e cigarette also gives off a cigarette flavor and the experience of inhaling smoke even without the presence of tobacco burning and actual smoke.

Components of an E Cigarette

Basically, all e cigs use these three fundamental components:

  • The cartridge – the mouthpiece that also serves to contain the e liquid that will be vaporized.
  • The atomizer – the heating component that vaporizes the e liquid.
  • The power supply, most usually batteries for portable e cigarettes.

Liquids that are used to generate vapor in an e cigarette can be purchased and used with refillable or disposable cartridges. More often than not, these liquids come in bottles and are commonly called e liquid, nicotine solution, or e juice. While the liquids’ contents vary from brand to brand, all have water and flavors that are either based on glycerin or propylene glycol. Most also come with nicotine to provide a nicotine fix or to pose as a nicotine replacement.

E liquids that have nicotine content also provide different concentrations of nicotine to suit the different requirements of smokers. Note that mg/ml is the nicotine concentration in milligrams for every milliliter of e liquid.

  • low nicotine dose – 6 to 8 mg/ml
  • medium or midrange nicotine dose – 10 to 14 mg/ml
  • high nicotine dose – 16 to 18 mg/ml
  • extra high nicotine dose –  24 to 36 mg/ml

A cartomizer which is the combination of a cartridge and an atomizer were also developed by e cigarette manufacturers to address the related costs of worn-out atomizers. When a cartomizer’s heating component wears out, it can be easily thrown away and replaced with another instead of a standalone atomizer which is more expensive.

How an E Cigarette Works

An e cigarette’s cartridge is a small tube that looks like the filter of a real cigarette and this is used as the mouthpiece. The cartridge contains a cottony material like in traditional cigarette filters, but is diluted with flavor, propylene glycol, and nicotine. The action however occurs in the atomizer component of the e cigarette.

Once you inhale via the cartridge, the atomizer will be activated instantly via a sensor so that the atomizer can generate vapor. This way, you feel like you are smoking a real cigarette, with the exception that what you are inhaling and releasing is harmless.

The vapor or smoke is produced by the vaporization or breaking down of the diluted nicotine into miniscule particles brought about the atomizer’s function. The sensor controls the atomizer, while the power supply powers the atomizer. The LED light at the tip of the cartridge is also used as an indicator.

Advantages of the E Cigarette over Real Cigarettes

  • The e cigarette is a healthier alternative to real cigarettes and tobacco-based products that contain more than 6,000 questionable toxins and chemicals including 66 proven carcinogens and toxic substances like carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic, and acetone.


On the other hand, an e cigarette has 13 GRAS, or generally recognized as safe ingredients that have been used by for decades in food supplies since they are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, 18 research bodies and the FDA themselves concluded that e cigs do not contain carcinogens and other toxins.


  • E cigs can be used anywhere. As opposed to real cigarettes that can’t be smoked in public places, including bars and restaurants, places where smokers really feel the need of a nicotine fix, an e cigarette can be legally used anytime and anywhere you need your nicotine hit.


  • Secondhand smoke is not a problem with smoking an e cigarette because the vapor released by an e cigarette does not contain harmful substances. We all know that cigarette smoke is actually more dangerous to those who inhale it as secondhand smoke, so smoking is a no-no especially among children and older people.


  • E cigarettes are non-flammable. The LED light on the tip of the cartridge only simulates the burning tobacco in real cigarettes to make the smoking experience more authentic. Therefore, you do not need a lighter or a match to light your e cigarette and flame is not required, which avoids burning.


  • The e cigarette is environmentally friendly. As opposed to real cigarettes that pollute the environment with the harmful smoke it releases, e cigs only release vapor that is proven to be harmless for both humans and the environment. Likewise, since e cigarettes are reusable and rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about cigarette butts.


  • E cigs come in various flavors. Currently, there are over hundreds of e cigarette flavors on the market. Majority of e cigarette manufacturers try to make their flavors as close to the real cigarette flavors as possible, with menthol variants, Camel, Marlboro, or even Gudang Garam flavors. Others also offer food flavors such as a coffee, vanilla, cola, and fruits.

As you can see, e cigarettes offer a host of advantages over real cigarette products. Not only is it safer for your overall health, the environment, but for your friends and loved ones as well because you won’t have to worry about being the cause of passive smoking.