The Basics Of An Electronic Cigarette


The structure of the electronic cigarette

electronic cigarette

Even if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge, you will need to read the electronic cigarette reviews, in order to understand the basic principles of this device. From the electronic cigarette reviews, you will understand why this device has consumables, and when do you need to change those consumables.

The electronic cigarette is composed of an atomizer, a controlled circuit and a lithium accumulator. At the top of the accumulator, you will find a warning led that has different roles, such as showing you when the battery is about to end or when you have “smoked” one cigarette.

The electronic circuit of the cigarette will start functioning when you start inhaling from the e-cigarette. There is no need for you to manually connect the cigarette to the circuit before inhaling. The e-cigarette stays in a passive state, until it is used, and then the system is launched automatically. If you stop inhaling, the cigarette will stop the atomizing process, and the cigarette will remain in a standby mode.

Read the detailed schemes from the electronic cigarette reviews if you want to understand this process completely.

From the e cigarettes reviews, you will also learn how to smoke the cigarette. You should try to use it in a horizontal position, and you should not inhale when the cigarette is in a vertical position, as you risk drinking the liquid. This liquid does not have a pleasant taste, and even if it is not harmful for the body, it will not be such a pleasant experience.

The rechargeable cartage is composed of an inhaler and a device used to store the liquid. You can find different types of liquids in the electronic cigarette reviews, liquids that can imitate the flavor of the real cigarettes perfectly. Generally, the liquid is a part of the next four categories: high concentration of nicotine, medium concentration, low and no nicotine. The high, medium and low concentrations are considered as substitutes of the classical cigarettes, and the liquid with no nicotine must only be used to correct the gesture of smoking.

The atomizer is another important part of the e-cigarette, as it creates vapors from the e-liquid, vapors that must be inhaled by the user. You can find some resistant and durable atomizers with the help of the best electronic cigarette reviews, but you must know that you need to change this device at least once every two months.

The electronic cigarette uses a special battery based on lithium that functions with 3.6 Volts, and a special charger used for it. Those parts can’t be replaced with other products considered as being similar. The charger works in normal parameters for a voltage of 240V, but the car charger can also be used. If you charge the device using other types of chargers, the electronic cigarette might be deteriorated.

You should read the instructions at least once or twice before using the e-cigarette for the first time. Once you are used to the device you won’t need the instructions, but make sure you have understood the principle of using this device.