Apollo E Cigs And Moving To Grandmas

Recent Apollo E Cig Testemonial

apollo cigsOh my god I’m so happy to have heard about the Apollo E Cig.  I moved in with my Grandma to help out with her daily living and found out when I took her in for a check-up at the doctors,  that my smoking could actually making her condition worse.  I was confused because I never smoked inside and never around my grandmother, but apparently the residuals in my hair and on my clothing could be enough to make her worse.


It was suggested by my friend to try her spare Apollo E Cig as a loner for however long I needed it.  I gave it a shot and much to my liking it helped with my smoking but also wound up relieving my anxiety and the nightmares that developed over the whole issue.  There is nothing worse than trying to help out family and finding out you could potentially make it worse and accidentally kill your family member. 


My next visit to the doctors with Grandma went super well.  I even asked the doctor who didn’t smoke if he could smell anything and he couldn’t. He asked me if I quit and then I told him about my friend and how she helped me by loaning me her spare Apollo E Cigarettes.  I further questioned the doctor about the Electronic Cigarettes to see if that could work for our living situation and the doctor had no apparent objections. The doctor did inform me that he was unaware of any particular findings good or bad about the Electronic Cigarettes so he suggested to continue not to smoke around my Grandmother and to still go outside when doing so.


I am so thankful for finding the Apollo E Cig’s. 

Susan S.  Herndon, VA, USA