Apollo E Cig Recent Testemonial

Written By:  K. Barron, San Jose, CA

Thirty years old and still lying about smoking to my parents!

Apollo E CigaretteI’m a thirty year old and didn’t want to worry my parents, so I lied to them. It was getting a little hard to cover up that cigarette smell, so I blamed it on my room mate, but that didn’t fly for too long. My mothers intuition called me out on it and I’m not very good at lying. The Apollo E Cigarette wound up saving my hide and loads of nagging from my mother.



After a while I had deep thoughts on my health and the fact that my age was not going any where but older, and if I’m going to start being healthy I’d better start now. With researching online I wanted to find a website that gave me the more truth than sell and gave me what I needed to know about electronic cigarettes. In the ocean of new products of this nature I found the Apollo E Cigarette on Sneakyreviews and found it very informative. I had a budget to work with and the combination of functionality and cost in the reviews helped me quite a bit with my decision.


Shipment on the Apollo E Cig was lightening fast and when opening it I took notice to the care in packaging that the company took. I have done plenty of orders online in my day and they really payed attention to the reality of package handling through shipment company’s. Of course every piece the the product was in excellent condition. When I got to plugging the E Cig in, I noticed that I didn’t have to wait for a charge because it came already fully charged. Convenience is definitely how the Apollo runs. I have my computer with me almost all the time and I drive a lot for my job. The to-go portable E Cigarette Charger and USB attachment works like a charm.


Never been much on the flavored cigarettes, but when I tried the flavor cartridges I got hooked and now switch it out after a hardy dinner. Menthol, cherry, vanilla, and coffee is what they have available and I love their cherry flavor. Much like a cherry slurpee from Seven Eleven. Bonus is that I am well on the way to my goal of being healthier and my smoking cut back from two packs a day down to a half pack. My mother and father? I was able to only smoke the Apollo E Cigarette before visiting my parents and then got my muted fix after wards. My lungs and ears thank you to who ever invented these things.