An Insight Into Electronic Cigarettes Through E Cigarette Reviews

The prime motive behind me penning down these e cigarette reviews is showing my heartfelt gratitude towards this amazing product which happened to be the greatest turning point of my life. It had been almost a decade since I had been smoking and I had reached a stage where I could do without food but not without a pack of cigarettes each day. Everybody knew about my addiction and some even tried to help me out with the smoking cessation. Despite of all efforts, I could not get away with this addiction and it had become something which I didn’t want to carry forward but had no control over it. I had become a slave to this deadly habit and every time I tried to terminate my smoking addiction, it would come back just after a short while.

Cigarette, the deadly monster would not let me free myself from its clutches and I sooner began to notice disturbances in my marital life too. Although I knew the drastic consequences of its fumes not just to myself but people in my close vicinity yet there was little that was beyond my reach. I avoided smoking at home to prevent the fumes affecting my 3 year old daughter, Janet and my wife of seven years. But as I said, I had no command over my will which was completely dominated by this deadly monster.

On the recommendations of many I also resorted to the age old methods of smoking cessation including the patch, cold turkey, gum etc. Despite of their use I found myself still smoking although while I was still using the gum and patches. But as many say, I too found them not enjoyable and hence sooner discontinued their use. Not only that the patches make my skin very itchy while the taste of the gums is just a crap.

A couple of years back, I was introduced to electronic cigarette and nothing excited me in the first impression. Since I had tried so many methods earlier I was bit skeptical about it’s use too and believed it to be another gimmick. I was very reluctant to use it because I had little hope in any such product which promised to help a person get rid of smoking addiction permanently. Nevertheless, after little persuasion by a friend of mine, I decided to give this too a try as I had given to numerous others earlier in my life.

 e cigarette reviews

But this time I didn’t want to leave any chances of being fooled by any similar product and let my money just go a waste. So, I researched about it online and came across line of products which did sound interesting. One particular product caught my fancy and I was very much attracted towards it especially because of its cheap price. I decided to give it a shot and made no delay in placing an order online. Since I received its order and started to use, there has been no turning back. The concept behind the electronic cigarette is amazing which motivated me to write e cigarette reviews.