Bicycle Engine Kits!

bicycle engine kitHey folks, I just wanted to pass along my recent experience with this awesome bicycle engine kit I came across!

Quick little piece of back-story about the bicycle engine kit.

So I didn’t have my drivers license due to a few tickets I failed to take care of… That was causing quite a few problems for coming up with work, and I’m sure a few of you out there have been in my situation one way or another.  I started to look for a bicycle engine kit, seeing as they are legal in my state of Virgina, and you don’t need a license, insurance OR registration to use one of these.

On to the bicycle engine kit review.

So I promptly received my bicycle engine kit within 3 business days, (we all know how shipping times can make us a bit impatient) so, I was rather happy to find that it had showed up sooner than I had expected. I had ordered the “Limited Edition ZB 80cc Silver Slant Engine Kit” which totals out at a true 66cc’s,(which is also known in the states as an 80cc bicycle engine) in a TWO STROKE fashion.

The price was approximately $130.00 USD shipping not included.

The kit comes with everything you need… Engine, carburetor, gas tank, clutch lever and cable, sprocket and chain, ect… and all the mounting equipment you’ll need to mildly fabricate it to your bicycle.    Now, just to make sure you don’t end up frustrating yourself, you need to understand that with all the new bikes and frame styles on the market today, you have to be careful with which model you try to adapt your new bicycle engine kit to… i.e. They will not work with any of the new full suspension bikes, also you want to try and make sure you have the original size frame tubes, with no less than a 23inch frame… though 26 is ideal.

Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest with all of you… It wasn’t the easiest thing I have ever done, but it was NOT terribly hard either. You just have to make sure you follow the instructions for installation, and that where there isn’t  enough information, be just a tiny bit innovative on where you want to install some of the parts. FYI… For reasons of comfort, these kits fit really well on “Beach Cruisers” AND “Mountain Bikes” with front suspension, and I’ll explain that too. For the person who enjoys “Do It Yourself” projects, you will completely love it.

Now, once I finished the project, i was totally delighted to find that the bicycle still operates as a normal bike, gears, shifting, pedaling and brakes, only that It added about maybe 10 to 15lbs to the bike, which is hardly noticeable! Now, that all being said, I was even more delighted to find that once I engaged the engine, it fired right up and zipped me right down the street, FIRST TRY!

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering several things like; GAS MILEAGE??? So really, how far am I going to get with this simple bicycle engine kit? Your gas tank will hold around  1.5 to 2 liters of gas oil mixture… and off of that alone your going to get almost 150 MILES! I’m not joking either! I really can’t say enough about this little moped I’ve built!

How fast??? Well… my weight is around 220 lbs… so I’m not a small person by any means, but this bicycle engine kit is made with a heart of gold, it pulls my heavy butt up to a full 35MPH+! Now, that’s fast for a bicycle!   This little engine has about 1.75 horse power, and can pull me up some pretty steep hills without a problem. And as I had mentioned before, all of the bikes functions still work! Simply pull in the locking clutch lever, and it’s back to regular bike riding!

There’s several bicycle engine kits you can purchase from the official company website, and if you want, you can even purchase complete, “Ready To Go” bikes with the engine already installed and ready to go, right out of the box, just add fuel and go!

Visit their website to get your bicycle engine kit now. Click the picture below, their price was $299.95 but they are discounting them right now for only $129.95 that’s $170 off!!

Limited Edition ZB 80cc Silver Slant Engine Kit